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Demographic and substance use factors associated with non-violent alcohol-related injuries among patrons of Australian night-time entertainment districts

Dr Kerri Coomber, Dr Richelle Mayshak, Dr Shannon Hyder, Dr Nic Droste, Dr Ashlee Curtis, Ms Amy Pennay, Prof Peter Miller

(2017), Vol. 14, pp. 1-9, International journal of environmental research and public health, Basel, Switzerland, C1


Correlates and motives of pre-drinking with intoxication and harm around licensed venues in two cities

Prof Peter Miller, Dr Nic Droste, Florentine de Groot, A/Prof Darren Palmer, Jennifer Tindall, Dr Lucy Busija, Dr Shannon Hyder, K Gilham, A/Prof John Wiggers

(2016), Vol. 35, pp. 177-186, Drug and alcohol review, London, Eng., C1


Prevalence and correlates of drink driving within patrons of Australian night-time entertainment precincts

Dr Ashlee Curtis, Dr Kerri Coomber, Dr Shannon Hyder, Dr Nic Droste, Ms Amy Pennay, Dr Rebecca Jenkinson, Dr Richelle Mayshak, Prof Peter Miller

(2016), Vol. 95, pp. 187-191, Accident analysis and prevention, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Accounting for depressive realism in contingency judgments: attentional processing differences

Dr Shannon Hyder, A/Prof Ross King

(2016), Vol. 9, pp. 181-201, International journal of cognitive therapy, New York, N.Y., C1


A comparative study of blood alcohol concentrations in Australian night-time entertainment districts

Prof Peter Miller, Ms Amy Pennay, Dr Nic Droste, Miss Erin Butler, Dr Rebecca Jenkinson, Dr Shannon Hyder, Brendan Quinn, Prof Tanya Chikritzhs, Stephen Tomsen, Phillip Wadds, Prof Sandra Jones, A/Prof Darren Palmer, Lance Barrie, Tina Lam, William S. Gilmore, A/Prof Daniel Lubman

(2014), Vol. 33, pp. 338-345, Drug and alcohol review, Chichester, England, C1


Comparing subjective well-being and health-related quality of life of Australian drug users in treatment in regional and rural Victoria

Prof Peter Miller, Dr Shannon Hyder, Dr Lucy Zinkiewicz, Dr Nic Droste, Jane B Harris

(2014), Vol. 33, pp. 651-657, Drug and alcohol review, Chichester, England, C1


High rates of alcohol consumption and related harm at schoolies week : a portal study

Dr Dan Lubman, Dr Nic Droste, Ms Amy Pennay, Dr Shannon Hyder, Prof Peter Miller

(2014), Vol. 38, pp. 536-541, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, Richmond, Australia, C1



Other Public Sector Funding

VCGLR Liquor forum evaluation

Dr Ashlee Curtis, Prof Peter Miller, A/Prof Darren Palmer, Dr Nic Droste, Dr Kerri Coomber, Dr Shannon Hyder, Miss Florentine Martino

  • 2016: $9,981
  • 2015: $39,930


Associate Supervisor

Karyn Hart

Thesis entitled: The Influence of Maternal Mental Health, Attachment and Hormonal Factors on a Mother¿s Attachment to her Fetus During Pregnancy

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), School of Psychology