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Scriptaid enhances skeletal muscle insulin action and cardiac function in obese mice

V Gaur, T Connor, K Venardos, D Henstridge, S Martin, C Swinton, S Morrison, K Aston-Mourney, S Gehrig, R van Ewijk, G Lynch, M Febbraio, G Steinberg, M Hargreaves, K Walder, S McGee

(2017), Vol. 19, pp. 936-943, Diabetes, obesity and metabolism, Chichester, Eng., C1


Disruption of the class IIa HDAC corepressor complex increases energy expenditure and lipid oxidation

V Gaur, T Connor, A Sanigorski, S Martin, C Bruce, D Henstridge, S Bond, K McEwen, L Kerr-Bayles, T Ashton, C Fleming, M Wu, L Pike Winer, D Chen, G Hudson, J Schwabe, K Baar, M Febbraio, P Gregorevic, F Pfeffer, K Walder, M Hargreaves, S McGee

(2016), Vol. 16, pp. 2802-2810, Cell reports, New York, N.Y., C1


Metabolic remodelling in obesity and type 2 diabetes: pathological or protective mechanisms in response to nutrient excess?

T Connor, S Martin, K Howlett, S McGee

(2015), Vol. 42, pp. 109-115, Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology, England, London, C1


ATGL-mediated triglyceride turnover and the regulation of mitochondrial capacity in skeletal muscle

R Meex, A Hoy, R Mason, S Martin, S McGee, C Bruce, M Watt

(2015), Vol. 308, pp. E960-E970, AJP - Endocrinology and metabolism, Bethesda, MD, C1


Mitochondrial dysfunction has divergent, cell type-dependent effects on insulin action

S Martin, S Morrison, N Konstantopoulos, S McGee

(2014), Vol. 3, pp. 408-418, Molecular metabolism, Amsterdam, Netherlands, C1


The role of mitochondria in the aetiology of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes

S Martin, S McGee

(2014), Vol. 1840, pp. 1303-1312, Biochimica et biophysica acta, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, C1


Versican processing by a disintegrin-like and metalloproteinase domain with thrombospondin-1 repeats proteinases-5 and -15 facilitates myoblast fusion

N Stupka, C Kintakas, J White, F Fraser, M Hanciu, N Aramaki-Hattori, S Martin, C Coles, F Collier, A Ward, S Apte, D McCulloch

(2013), Vol. 288, pp. 1907-1917, Journal of biological chemistry, Bethesda, Maryland, C1


Caveolin-1 Is Necessary for Hepatic Oxidative Lipid Metabolism: Evidence for Crosstalk between Caveolin-1 and Bile Acid Signaling

M Fernandez-Rojo, M Gongora, R Fitzsimmons, N Martel, S Martin, S Nixon, A Brooks, M Ikonomopoulou, S Martin, H Lo, S Myers, C Restall, C Ferguson, P Pilch, S McGee, R Anderson, M Waters, J Hancock, S Grimmond, G Muscat, R Parton

(2013), Vol. 4, pp. 238-247, Cell Reports, Cambridge, MA, C1


Caveolin-1 orchestrates the balance between glucose and lipid-dependent energy metabolism : implications for liver regeneration

M Fernandez-Rojo, C Restall, C Ferguson, N Martel, S Martin, M Bosch, A Kassan, G Leong, S Martin, S McGee, G Muscat, R Anderson, C Enrich, A Pol, R Parton

(2012), Vol. 55, pp. 1574-1584, Hepatology, Hoboken, N. J., C1


Determination of intracellular glutathione and glutathione disulfide using high performance liquid chromatography with acidic potassium permanganate chemiluminescence detection

G McDermott, P Francis, K Holt, K Scott, S Martin, N Stupka, N Barnett, X Conlan

(2011), Vol. 136, pp. 2578-2585, Analyst, Cambridge, United Kingdom, C1


NDRG2, a novel regulator of myoblast proliferation, is regulated by anabolic and catabolic factors

V Foletta, M Prior, N Stupka, K Carey, D Segal, S Jones, C Swinton, S Martin, D Cameron-Smith, K Walder

(2009), Vol. 587, pp. 1619-1634, Journal of physiology, Oxford, England, C1


Enhanced proliferation of human skeletal muscle precursor cells derived from elderly donors cultured in estimated physiological (5%) oxygen

S Martin, F Collier, M Kirkland, K Walder, N Stupka

(2009), Vol. 61, pp. 93-107, Cytotechnology: international journal of cell culture and biotechnology, Dordrecht, Netherlands, C1


Glucose and insulin modulate the expression and activity of the thioredoxin antioxidant system in cultured human skeletal muscle fibres

N Stupka, S Martin, J McKenzie, F Collier, N Konstantopoulos

(2008), pp. 1-1, AUPS 2008 : Proceedings of the Australian Physiological Society 2008, Melbourne, VIC, E1-1


Effects of oxygen concentration on the cellular redox state and glutathione content of skeletal muscle cells in culture

N Stupka, X Conlan, S Martin, F Collier

(2008), Proceedings of the Australian Health and Medical Research Congress 2008, Brisbane, Queensland, E1-1


Physiological (5%) oxygen levels enhance proliferation but not differentiation of human primary skeletal muscle precursor cells in vitro

S Martin, F Collier, N Stupka

(2008), Proceedings of the Australian Health and Medical Research Congress 2008, Brisbane, Queensland, E1-1


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