Dr Shirani Gamlath





Faculty of Health


School of Exercise & Nut. Sci.


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Research interests

Innovative Food Processing Technologies:  Extrusion Technology and High Pressure Processing

Minimal Processing of Fruits and vegetables

Functional Food Product Development: Underutilised cereals and legumes

Product Evelautaion: Physical and  checmical prpertise and consumer acceptability

Teaching interests

Food Science, Functional foods, Food Processing and Product Development

Units taught

Unit Chair HSN106 Food Fundamentals

Unit Chair HSN315 Food Manufacturing and Process Inovation

Unit Chair HSN320 Trends in Product Development

Unit Chair HSN735 Trends and Innovations in Food Science

Lecturer HSN104 Science of Food
Lecturer HSN213 Current Controversies in Food and Nutrition

Supervises one PhD student


Gamlath S (2012) Trends in Food Extrusion: Opportunities for Health Promoting New Products: Physical and Sensory Properties. Ist Annual Congress of SQ Foods, BIT Shenzhen China, 1-3 November (Invited Presentation).

Liem G and Gamlath S  2012 "Show me the content” how visual content make students engage.  Desire2Learn ASIA-PAC conference, September 17-18 Melbourne,  Australia.

Khan I, Yousif A, Johnson S and Gamlath S (2011)
Effect of sorghum incorporation on functional components of pasta. Functional Foods Conference, Malaysia, 16-17 November.

Gamlath S (2011) A good practice: group work linking with real-world experience and winning national awards.  Deakin Teaching and learning Conference, 2 November 2011

Perera, N, Gamage, T V, Gamlath, S and Versteeg, C (2008). "Effect of high pressure and pineapple juice on the browning of minimally processed apples." Proceedings of the IFT conference, Louisiana, USA

Perera, N, Gamage, T M V, Gamlath, S. Wakeling, L. and Versteeg, C. (2008) "Quality of minimally processed peaches treated with high pressure and temperature." Proceedings of the 41st Annual AIFST Convention, Sydney, Australia,

Ravindran, G and Gamlath S (2007) "Development of functional extruded snack products based on chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) and fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) flours." Nutrition Society Meeting, Auckland, NZ

Singh, S, Gamlath, S and Wakeling, L (2006) "Effect of reducing sugars and proteins in extrusion: Nutritional and functional properties." Proceedings of the 39th AIFST convention. Adelaide.

Kelly, E., Gamage, T.V. and Gamlath, S. (2006) "Effect of high pressure processing on the polyphenol oxidase activity of three Australian grown pear varieties." Proceedings of the 3nd Innovative Foods Centre Conference, Melbourne, Australia.

Gamlath, S, Gamage, T V and Walsh, R (2005) "Innovations through Novel Technologies: High Pressure treatments to reduce chemical treatments in Fruits." Oral presentation Proceedings of the Annual Research Conference, University of Ballarat.

Gamlath, S and Balendran, S (2004) "Physical characteristics of extruded products from maize, finger millets and legumes." Oral presentation. Hawaii International Conference on Sciences, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Gamlath, S and Clarke, B (2004) "Physical, nutritional and sensory properties of extruded banana, rice and green gram mixtures." Oral Presentation, Hawaii International Conference on Sciences, Honolulu, Hawaii


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Other Funding Sources

Increasing the health potential of traditional grain foods using high antioxidant/high resistant starch sorghum: post-prandial human study on sorghum pasta

Dr Shirani Gamlath, Mr Imran Khan

  • 2012: $9,602


Principal Supervisor

Imran Khan

Thesis entitled: Health potential of sorghum-enriched pasta: In vitro and clinical studies

Doctor of Philosophy (Nutrition & Exercise) (Low Cost), School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences