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Research interests

Clinical Associate Professor Brumby has made significant contribution to research and service delivery methods for engaging farm men and women in discussion about their own health, wellbeing and safety. This is often a serious challenge for agricultural industries, farmers and rural health workers. She has led the development and implementation of the Sustainable Farm Families program since its inception in 2003 and has extended its application across a broad range of agricultural industries and community sectors across Australia. This program has been evaluated and externally evaluated and published.

Teaching interests

Clinical Associate Professor Susan Brumby teaches and assesses in the postgraduate Agricultural Health and Medicine course and guest lectures to Year 1 or 2 medical students. She also co-supervises PhD students.


Clinical Associate Professor Brumby has received numerous awards recognising her contribution to rural health and has attracted over $3 million in grants and service delivery funding. In 2005, she received the Department of Human Services Award for outstanding contribution to rural health, and in 2006 a Victorian Travelling Fellowship. In 2009 she was recognised with the Victorian Regional Achievement and Community Career and Trade Development Award.


Clinical Associate Professor Brumby's report and recommendations from the Victorian Travelling Fellowship in 2006 was instrumental in setting up the design and five key areas for the National Centre for Farmer Health. She has trained and accredited 135 health professionals in the delivery of the program in every state. She has authored over 20 publications on farmer health, rural health and engagement and currently reviews for a number of journals related to Agromedicine and rural health. She serves on the Deakin/DH/DHS Strategic Alliance (BSW Region) Research Group and numerous advisory groups.


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Australian Competitive Grants

Sustainable Farm Families - future directions

Prof Susan Brumby, Mr Stuart Willder, Prof John Martin, Mr Matt McCarthy

RIRDC Grant - Research - Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

  • 2011: $27,035
  • 2010: $47,715
  • 2009: $115,000

Implementation and evaluation of a program to reduce alcohol and related problems among farm men and women

Prof David Mellor, Prof Marita Mc Cabe, Prof Lina Ricciardelli, Prof Susan Brumby

ARC Linkage - Projects Rnd 1

  • 2012: $86,138
  • 2011: $82,946
  • 2010: $81,660

Shhh hearing in a farming environment

Prof Susan Brumby, Ms Catherine Mercer-Grant, Dr Anthony Hogan, Dr Warwick Williams

NHMRC Project Grant

  • 2016: $549
  • 2014: $66,025
  • 2013: $220,372
  • 2012: $264,126

Other Public Sector Funding

Implementation and evaluation of a program to reduce alcohol and related problems among farm men and women

Prof David Mellor, Prof Marita Mc Cabe, Prof Lina Ricciardelli, Prof Susan Brumby

  • 2010: $77,000

Farming Fit?: Depression and obesity in farm men and women

Prof Susan Brumby, Dr Scott Mccoombe, Dr Peter Kremer, A/Prof Paul Lewandowski

  • 2011: $49,650
  • 2010: $39,720
  • 2009: $9,930

The Ripple Effect - Reducing perceived stigma among farmers with a lived experience of suicide

Prof Susan Brumby, Dr Alison Kennedy

  • 2017: $154,072
  • 2015: $154,734

Farm-related major trauma in Victoria and both the long-term and immediate impact on recovery

Prof Daryl Pedler, Miss Meg Murray, Ms Jessica Beattie, Dr Belinda Gabbe, Prof Susan Brumby

  • 2016: $40,000

Industry and Other Funding

In-field Personalised Cholinesterase Assessment Project: A foundation for identification and informed intervention (In-field PCAP)

Prof Susan Brumby, Dr Jacquie Cotton, A/Prof John Edwards, Ms Tamara Phillips

  • 2016: $58,072


Associate Supervisor

Nicole Jeffery-Dawes

Thesis entitled: Depression, Anxiety and Metabolic Syndrome in Farm Men and Women

Doctor of Psychology (Health), School of Psychology