Dr Tanja Luckins



Senior Lecturer In Australian Studies


Faculty of Arts and Education


SHSS Arts & Ed


Melbourne Burwood Campus


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I teach Australian Studies at the Burwood campus. Before joining Deakin in 2012, I was an ARC Postdoctoral Fellow at the Australian Centre, University of Melbourne and taught at RMIT and La Trobe Universities. I am principally a cultural historian whose work is characterised by an inter-disciplinary approach especially the use of diverse textual, visual and material sources in order to research and write the histories of people who do not fit into nationalist and modernist frameworks. My first book, The Gates of Memory (2004), based on my PhD, was a study of loss and memory and the Great War in Australia. It was methodologically wide- ranging, exploring material hitherto ignored such as asylum admission records and mourning black in order to analyse the gendered experiences and cultural expressions of loss and memory. Subsequent research has looked at the 1960s, food and drink cultures, and the pub in Australian history. I have presented this research in numerous public forums and publications including Go! Melbourne in the Sixties (with Seamus O’Hanlon, 2005), Dining on Turtles: Food Feasts and Drinking in History (with Diane Kirkby, 2007) and The Australian Pub (with Diane Kirkby and Chris McConville, 2010). This research stimulated investigations into the connections between food, drink and cosmopolitanism, which was then expanded into a larger project on the history of cosmopolitanism in Australia; this was awarded an Australian Research Council Fellowship (2008-2011).

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Research interests

Australian cultural history
The 1960s
History and memory
Popular culture
Histories of food and drink
The cosmopolitan in Australian History


International Australian Studies Association
Australian Historical Association
Royal Historical Society of Victoria

Units taught

AIA105 Visions of Australia: Time and Space 1700-2010

AIA106 Sex, Race and Australia's People

AIA200 Indigenous Australians in the 20th Century


Porous Borders: The World in Australia, International Australian Studies Association biennual conference, Monash University, December 2012. 'Swinish Behaviour in the Swilling Hour', Australian National Homebrewing Conference keynote address, Melbourne, October 2012. Panel discussion on The Australian Pub, Sydney Writers Festival, May 2011 History of the Six Oclock Swill, public lecture, Victorian Section of the International Institute of Brewing and Distilling, Melbourne, July 2010. A Collective Conversation: Talking and Hearing the Cosmopolitan City 1900-1970, The Talk About Town conference, State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, August 2009 Cosmopolitanism and being Australian, British Australian Studies Association biennial conference, University of London, September 2008 I allus has a latte at eleven: Cosmopolitanism, food and drink, Australian Historical Association Biennial Conference, Melbourne, July 2008 Mourning Black and the Great War in Australia, Black in Fashion: Mourning to Night exhibition, National Gallery of Victoria, April 2008 1968: Local and Global, Keynote Address, 1968: Forty Years On symposium, University of Melbourne, February 2008 History, Memory and Methodology: Recent Commentary on Anzac and Sentimental Nationalism, When the Soldiers Return conference, University of Queensland, November 2007 The Inner City Pub and Leisure, Globalisation, Gentrification and the Reinvention of the Inner City symposium, Monash University, Prato & Kings College, London, September 2007 Collecting Womens Memories, British Womens History Network 16th annual conference, University of Winchester, England, September 2007 GO! Melbourne in the Sixties, Lyceum Club, Melbourne, October 2006 A Time, A Place, An Idea: Melbourne in the Sixties, Royal Historical Society of Victoria, Melbourne, October 2006 The Australian War Memorial: The People and the Curators, Latrobe Probus Club, Melbourne, June 2006 Their Family Histories Liveth For Evermore: Remembering the Great War Dead, Don Grant Lecture, Victorian Association Family History Organisations, Melbourne, October 2005 Gendering Great War Loss, 20th International Congress of Historical Sciences, Sydney, July 2005 Mourning Black in a Comparative Context: A Response to Keith Jeffery, 20th International Congress of Historical Sciences, Sydney, July 2005 Researching Womens Memories, Family History forum, Monash University, April 2005 Collective Lamentations and National Sorrow: Mourning the Anzacs, National Museum of Australia forum, The Anzac Legend: What it Means to Me, Canberra, April 2005 The Gates of Memory: Woolloomooloo and the Great War, Feast by the Murray, Australian Historical Association regional conference, Mildura, September 2003 Time Gentlemen, Please: The End of Six O'clock Closing and the New Pub, GO! Melbourne in the Sixties conference, La Trobe and Monash universities, Melbourne, October 2002 Mourning, Women and the Great War in Australia, Frontlines: Gender, Identity and War conference, Monash University, Melbourne, July 2002 Crazed Grief?: The Asylum, Loss, Memory and the Great War in Australia, Lives, Stories, Narratives international conference, Monash University, Clayton, July 2000

Professional activities

Book Review Editor, Journal of Australian Studies, (2012- )


Australian Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2008-2011.

Commended, Victorian Community History Awards 2007, Collaborative/Community Work Award for Go! Melbourne in the Sixties, Circa, Melbourne, 2005.

Highly Commended, Fellowship of Australian Writers/National Literary Awards 2004, Melbourne University Publishing Award (non-fiction) for Gates of Memory: Australian Peoples Experiences and Memories of Loss and the Great War, Curtin University Books, Fremantle, 2004

Australian Historical Association Serle Award for best postgraduate thesis in Australian History, 2002, for The Gates of Memory: Loss, Mourning and the Great War in Australia, PhD, School of Historical Studies, La Trobe University, 2001.

Dwight Final Examination Prize - university medal for Fine Arts, University of Melbourne, 1987


Cosmopolitanism in Australian history
The 1960s in Australia
Material culture and popular culture


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Dissolving views, memory and sensory experience: The Cosmopoligraphicon or the ‘World in Many Pictures’ in Melbourne, Australia, in 1855

Dr Tanja Luckins

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Setting the scene: the idea of the "sixties"

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'Time, gentlemen, please': The end of six o'clock closing and the 'post-swill' pub

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Crazed with grief?: The asylum and the Great War in Australia

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