Dr Tanya King



Senior Lecturer In Anthropology


Faculty of Arts and Education


SHSS Arts & Ed


Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus


+61 3 522 72149

Research interests

Tanya has conducted intensive research with the commercial shark fishing industry of Bass Strait, Australia. Her interests include:

Natural Resource Management
Rural communities
Australian national identity (including 'migrant' identity)
Public Policy
Second Life


2011. King, T.J. What Do Pigs Know about Desalination?! Negotiating Rurality In An Environment of Composite Issues, at the American Anthropology Association conference, Traces, Tidemarks and Legacies, Montreal Convention Centre, 16-20 Nov. 2011. King, T.J. and Murphy, K. Procedural Justice and NIMBY The Wonthaggi desalination plant, Victoria, Australia, at Australian Water Association conference, OzWater11, Adelaide Convention Centre, 9-11 May. 2011. King, T.J. and Schibeci, R.A. Desalination Public perceptions, scientists views and the path towards productive communication, at International Conference on Integrated Water Management, Murdoch University, Perth, 2-5 February. 2010. King, T.J., Donaldson, J.A. and Harry, E. Staff-student collaboration Outcomes of a life-long learning (LLL) and experience based learning (EBL) project, at Deakin Teaching and Learning conference, Flexible Education Futures 
Partnering for collaborative and active learning, Deakin University, Burwood, 3-4 November. 2009. King, T.J. The devil in the detail of marine stewardship The role of anthropology in ethical environmentalism, at Australian Anthropology Society conference, The Ethics and Politics of Engagement, Changing States, Macquarie University, Sydney, 9-11 December. 2009. King, T.J. Take care lad its ganka weather The role of an ambiguous Bass Strait sea-monster in socialising seascapes and landscapes, at Association of Social Anthropologists (ASA) conference, Bristol University, UK, 6-9 April. 2008. King, T.J., Warren, I. and Palmer, D. Would Kitty Genovese Have Been Murdered in Second Life? The Bystander Effect, Social Regulation and the Potential for Research using Online Technologies, at the joint conference of the ASA, ASAANZ and AAS, Ownership and Appropriation, University of Auckland, 8-12 December 2008, and at The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) conference, Reimagining Sociology, University of Melbourne, 2-5 December. 2007. King, T.J. Dynamic nation-states and encrypted landscapes: the Australian National Botanic Gardens, at Australian Anthropology Society conference, Transforming Economies, Changing States, Australian National University, Canberra, October 30 November 2. 2006. King, T.J. Whitefellas and Blackfellas, Bullocks and Broncs the stage of professional rodeo as a space for exploring white and indigenous relations in north-eastern Australia, at Centre for Canadian-Australian Studies: Fabulous Risk conference, University of Wollongong.


2009 Vice-Chancellors Award for Distinguished Teaching
2009 Deakin University Award for Teaching Excellence
2008 Faculty of Arts and Education Individual Early Career Teaching Award


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Australian Competitive Grants

Public Perception of, and response to, desalination in Australia

Dr Tanya King

DEWHA - National Centre of Excellence in Desalination - Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts

  • 2013: $11,000
  • 2012: $9,293
  • 2011: $128,000

Understanding public perceptions of desalination in Victoria

Dr Tanya King, Mrs Jilleen Donaldson

DEWHA - National Centre of Excellence in Desalination - Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts

  • 2011: $9,500

Staying healthy: Industry organisations' influence on behaviours and services used by fishers

Dr Tanya King

FRDC Grant - Research - Fisheries Research & Development Corporation

  • 2014: $28,751
  • 2013: $48,656
  • 2012: $20,400

Developing industry human capital through health, wellbeing, safety and resilience

Dr Tanya King

FRDC Grant - Research - Fisheries Research & Development Corporation

  • 2016: $42,780


Data will be available in 2017