Dr Victoria Duckett



Lecturer In Screen and Design


Faculty of Arts and Education


SCCA Arts & Ed


Melbourne Burwood Campus




University of California, Los Angeles

1995-1999 Ph.D. Critical Studies, School of Film, Theatre  & Television. 4.0 GPA. Thesis completed under the supervision of Carlo Ginzburg, Vivian Sobchack, Peter Wollen, Teshome Gabriel. 

1997-1999 Graduate exchange student. Centre d'Etudes Critiques. Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris III).

1993-1995  MA Critical Studies, School of Film, Theatre  & Television. 4.0 GPA.

University of Melbourne
1992  B.A. (First Class Hons.), Fine Arts, University of Melbourne. Honours Thesis completed under the supervision of Nick Browne, UCLA.

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Research interests

Silent Film, New Media, Performing Arts


Professional Memberships

Society for Cinema and Media Studies
Women and Film History International
American Society of Theatre Research

Knowledge areas

Early film, performance, intermediality

Professional activities

Feminisms, Medias, Histories Journal
University of California Press, Founding Editorial Board member, 2014–

Journal of Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film
University of Manchester press, Editorial Board, 2010–present

Women and Film History International Steering Committee, 2010 – present

External referee, Assessor of Creative Works and Other Non-Traditional Research Outputs for Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney, 2012–2014.

International referee for the Italian National Agency ANVUR (National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes), 2011–present

Research groups

A History of Cinema without Names. University of Udine. 2014-


Visiting Fellowship, “History, Cinema, Digital Archives.” Humanities Research Centre, Australian National University, Canberra, July 2014.

Leonard Howard Fellowship, UCLA, 1995, 1997, 1998 & 1999

Full residential and non-residential tuition scholarship, UCLA, 1993-1999

Charles Boyer Award for Research in France. Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris III, classes also taken at The École pratique des hautes études), 1997-1999

George Eliot Centre for the Study of Women, Dissertation Award, UCLA, 1999

Film & TV candidate for UCLA’s Charles Luckman Distinguished Teacher Award of the Year Award, 1997

Jack K. Sauter Award for Critical Writing in Television, Honorable Mention, UCLA, 1996

Otis Ferguson Award for Critical Writing, UCLA, 1996

UCLA Regents Fellowship, 1995

Education Abroad Scholarship, University of Melbourne, 1992

Dean’s Honours Roll, College of Letters and Sciences, UCLA [4.0 GPA], 1992

University of Melbourne, Faculty of Arts Stipend, 1992


Try Walking in My Shoes: Empathy and Portrayals of Mental Illness on Screen. Conference co-convenor with Fincina Hopgood and Patricia di Risio. University of Melbourne in partnership with the Dax Centre and the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions (Europe1100-1800), 2014.

Women and Silent Screen Conference (VII). Conference co-convenor with Jeanette Hoorn, University of Melbourne, 2013. Academic programmer. Film programmer. Films sponsored by the NFSA and the New Zealand Film Archive. Key note speakers: Richard Abel, Pam Cook, Mary Anne Doane, Shelley Stamp & Hilary Hallet.

Screening Italy: Cinema and Change in Post-War Italian Film. Series of public lectures organized in collaboration with Co.As.It and the Museo Italiano. Convenor, 2013.

A Dinner Party: Setting the Table. Co-curator with Caroline Philips, West Space, Melbourne, 2012. Academic programmer of panels. Speakers included Stephanie Alexander, Catherine Deveny, Anne Marsh, & Virginia Fraser. Organized free public film programmes. Sponsored by the NFSA.

Paul Cox: Miracle Maker. Conference co-convenor with Elizabeth Presa and film programmer. VCA, University of Melbourne 2009. Included: Asher Bilu, Paul Cox, Paul Grabowsky, Rodney Hall, Chris Haywood, David Wenham, Wendy Hughes. Event sposored by Film Victoria. Film programme sponsored by the NFSA.

Performing Passions: Sarah Bernhardt and the Silent Screen. Film programmer. Introduction to public screenings. Bologna: Cineteca del Comune di Bologna, 2006.

Digital Madness. Curator and participant. With Vivian Sobchack and Fabiam Wagmister, School of Film & TV, UCLA, 1996.


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