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Instit for Frontier Materials


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Super-tough artificial nacre based on graphene oxide via synergistic interface interactions of ?-? stacking and hydrogen bonding

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A waterborne coating system for preparing robust, self-healing, superamphiphobic surfaces

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Argon plasma treatment of fluorine-free silane coatings: a facile, environment-friendly method to prepare durable, superhydrophobic fabrics

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Emulsion-templated, macroporous hydrogels for enhancing water efficiency in fighting fires

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Wet-spinning of highly conductive nanocellulose-silver fibers

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Fluorine-free superhydrophobic coatings with pH-induced wettability transition for controllable oil-water separation

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Assembled block copolymer stabilized high internal phase emulsion hydrogels for enhancing oil safety

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One-way water-transport cotton fabrics with enhanced cooling effect

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Barrier textiles for protection against microbes

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Closed-cell and open-cell porous polymers from ionomer-stabilized high internal phase emulsions

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High internal phase emulsion (HIPE) xerogels for enhanced oil spill recovery

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A superamphiphobic coating with an ammonia-triggered transition to superhydrophilic and superoleophobic for oil-water separation

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Phase inversion of ionomer-stabilized emulsions to form high internal phase emulsions (HIPEs)

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Bio-inspired hydrogen-bond cross-link strategy toward strong and tough polymeric materials

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Bioinspired strategy for tuning thermal stability of PVA via hydrogen-bond crosslink

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Influence of non-hydrolysable groups in silane precursor on pore dimension and photochromic properties of sol-gel silica embedded with a spirooxazine dye

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Hybrid high internal phase emulsion (HIPE) organogels with oil separation properties

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Multi-responsive janus liquid marbles: The effect of temperature and acidic/basic vapors

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Magnetic liquid marbles : Toward "Lab in a Droplet"

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A simple method to prepare monodisperse and size-tunable carbon nanospheres from phenolic resin

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Elastin and collagen enhances electrospun aligned polyurethane as scaffolds for vascular graft

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A thermally healable polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) nanocomposite based on Diels-Alder chemistry

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Superhydrophobic and UV-blocking cotton fabrics prepared by layer-by-layer assembly of organic UV absorber intercalated layered double hydroxides

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Bioinspired strategy to reinforce PVA with improved toughness and thermal properties via hydrogen-bond self-assembly

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Antimicrobial electrospun nanofibers of cellulose acetate and polyester urethane composite for wound dressing

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Photoreactive azido-containing silica nanoparticle/polycation multilayers : durable superhydrophobic coating on cotton fabrics

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Magnetic liquid marbles, their manipulation and application in optical probing

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Nanostructures and thermomechanical properties of epoxy thermosets containing reactive diblock copolymer

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Reactive block copolymer modified thermosets : highly ordered nanostructures and improved properties

N Hameed, Q Guo, Z Xu, T Hanley, Y Mai

(2010), Vol. 6, pp. 6119-6129, Soft matter, Cambridge, England, C1


Funded Projects at Deakin

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Associate Supervisor

Tao Zhang

Thesis entitled: Polymer organogels stabilized HIPE organogels and applications in oil fields

Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering), Institute for Frontier Materials


Anbazhagan Palanisamy

Thesis entitled: Synthesis and Self-assembly of Block Copolymer/Conjugated Polymer Complexes

Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering), Institute for Frontier Materials