We're not only worldly, we're world-class. Deakin University is the proud recipient of QS 5 star rating for excellence in 2013.

A message from the Vice-Chancellor

I am delighted to present our updated strategic plan LIVE the future to our students, our staff, alumni and the members of the communities we serve.

The first triennium of this Plan, 2012-2014 has been outstandingly successful for Deakin as we transition into our fifth decade. Deakin is now Australia's eighth largest university and in its 40th anniversary year, enrolled its 50 000th student and celebrated the success of its 200 000th graduate.

Reflecting Deakin's growing international research reputation, in 2014 Deakin was ranked in the top three per cent of the world's universities, one of 15 (out of 40) Australian universities to be in the top three per cent in each of the three major international ranking systems. We entered the digital world with flair, introducing DeakinSync, Deakin Anywhere and Watson to all our students and staff, and we are ensuring our students have the learning outcomes for employability in the fast connected world in which we now live.

Much has changed in Australia and in the higher education sector in the last three years. Our world is now truly connected with the rise of machines, mega data and personalisation the three mega trends of the previous triennium. We now face a digital economy wherein our nation depends on highly educated and skilled graduates who are able to embrace the age of smart machines and an age in which many occupations and jobs will disappear before the end of our next triennium. We must all learn to work with machines and in the spaces between machines. These challenges are real and will remain with us. How we react will be measured by the quality of the students we educate and graduate, and the quality and impact of the research we contribute to the communities we serve.

Jane den Hollander, Vice-Chancellor

'Our role now is to ensure that Deakin graduates are able to thrive in any environment, with the skills and values to enable life long success. Therefore we must seize the opportunities of the future, and move to the next level of excellence and relevance.'

Jane den Hollander

Our students expect a relevant, contemporary learning experience that will prepare them for life and careers in a rapidly changing world. Our governments, our partners and our citizens expect excellence and a clear return on their investment in us.

Our role, as it has been for 40 years, is to ensure that Deakin graduates are able to thrive in any environment, with the skills and values to enable life-long success. Therefore we must continue to be brave, to be savvy in seizing the opportunities of the future, and in ensuring our people are inspired and enabled to access our education and research so that our communities move to the next level of excellence and relevance.

LIVE the future: Agenda 2020, informing the 2015 – 2017 triennium, continues to provide us with a framework for a bold and exciting future, and outlines the strategies we need to achieve this vision. It responds to changes in national policy and shifting market conditions, but holds true to Deakin's character. As we plan for a future that is already different from that envisaged in 2010, it is appropriate to continue to define and distinguish our University in the run up to 2020.

Once again, I call on those whose lives have been touched by Deakin, to join with me in achieving our vision – that we will be Australia's premier university in driving the digital frontier to enable education for the jobs of the future and research that makes a difference to the communities we serve

Join us. LIVE the future with us

Jane den Hollander

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