Teaching and learning

Deakin plans to bring the opportunities of the digital age into the real world through Learning, Ideas, Value and Experience (LIVE). Our courses are rigorously evaluated to ensure we offer both students and teachers the best possible experience with us.

Online learning

Students can access study and administrative tools through DeakinSync, and study all or part of their course through Deakin's Cloud Campus.

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Graduate learning outcomes

Deakin promises to educate learners for the jobs and skills of the future with courses that are highly personal, engaging and include relevant learning experiences.

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The Deakin Promise in learning, through LIVE the future, is to offer brilliant education where the students are and where they want to go.



Deakin Hallmarks

Deakin Hallmarks are awards that recognise students' outstanding achievement and reflect upon their employability. The awards have been developed between faculties and employers so that they signify outstanding achievement as valued and judged in professional life.

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Deakin's curriculum framework

Deakin's courses are structured to get the best out of students and staff. We structure our teaching and learning to align with graduate learning outcomes. We do this by monitoring and updating courses to always align with industry insight.

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The TeachAssist team offers professional development. Their job is to help academic staff better understanding how emerging digital technology can enhance pedagogical practice. They do this through hands-on training and support to Deakin teaching staff.

As well as dedicated faculty contacts, TeachAssist use the CloudMobile to visit each Deakin Campus at set times throughout the year. This mobile digital studio gives staff the opportunity to receive face-to-face support and advice in learning a range of digital technologies. 

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Assessing and evaluating

Assessing and evaluating is an ongoing practice within subject and program design at Deakin. 

Student assessment is related to the real world, and provides evidence of learning achievement. Through the evaluation of teaching, along with support and unit resources, we seek to improve learning and teaching outcomes.

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The Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning (CRADLE) investigates how we can best assess higher education learning outcomes in an era of rapid digital change. 

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