Cultural Diversity and Inclusion

Deakin is committed to promoting cultural diversity and inclusion within and beyond our University community and to preventing racism in its many forms.

We are a proud supporter of the Australian Human Rights Commissions Racism. It Stops with me campaign.

Deakin aspires to achieve cultural diversity in line with the broader Victorian community and for staff and students from all cultural backgrounds to feel welcome, safe and supported to achieve academic or career success.

We want all students and staff to develop cultural competence: to value cultural differences and demonstrate inter-cultural knowledge and skills in their behaviour, pedagogy, workplace practices and in University governance. This will enable us to more fully realise the benefits of cultural diversity, be a leader in higher education and better support and engage with the communities we serve.

Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Plan

Deakin's Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Plan (2018-2020) provides the framework to address identified inequities and promote the development of cultural competence for all students and staff.

The following Guiding Principles form the basis of the plan:

  1. Culture: Deakin will develop a culture which values and supports cultural diversity and the University's role as an international institution
  2. Governance: University governance and management should reflect and draw on the culturally diverse University community
  3. Access and support: The University should attract and support students and staff from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  4. Curriculum: All graduates will have the knowledge and skills necessary to interact effectively with different cultures
  5. Research: University research should be conducted in a culturally competent way that empowers participants and encourages collaboration with culturally diverse communities
  6. Community partnership: All areas of the University will promote social and cultural inclusion, such as by partnering with other sectors and community-based organisations, to increase access and to promote success in learning and employment and help disseminate culturally competent practices to the wider community.

See Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Plan actions (PDF, 386KB)