Research environment

We have a collaborative, integrated and supportive research environment. We support excellence, innovation and collaboration among theorists and problem-oriented researchers who examine contentious and critical social issues. As our funding has increased we can now have a more meaningful and measurable effect on real lives.

Our institute aims to create an environment where researchers can pursue research which addresses emerging societal challenges.



How we conduct our research

We aim to advance theories that reflect the breadth and depth of the problems we're investigating. Many of the methodologies we use in our research projects are transnational, cross-cultural and international. They contribute to the construction of truly global knowledge, unconstrained by borders and boundaries.

Our researchers use data collection methods that are culturally sensitive. We facilitate genuine working partnerships between the 'north' and 'south' in an effort to bridge the global knowledge divide.

Professor Emma Kowal, cultural and medical anthropologist

Professor Kowal's previous work as a medical doctor and public health researcher in Indigenous health settings in Australia has led her to pursue two intersecting lines of theory and empirical research:

  • Australian racial politics
    Indigeneity and whiteness, settler colonialism and postcolonialism, racism and anti-racism.
  • Science and technology studies
    The anthropology of biomedical research, genomics, bioethics and public health.

Research influences Senate's community development program

Our research expert Professor Jon Altman's concerns over changes to the Community Development Program were heard by a Senate inquiry examining the Social Security Legislation Amendment (Community Development Program) Bill 2015.

In his submission to the inquiry Professor Altman argued that the proposed bill would perpetuate or even exacerbate poverty.

Our research streams

The research streams the Alfred Deakin Institute (ADI) cover make for great opportunities to collaborate and develop projects. They also create mentorship opportunities between members and students with shared research interests and priorities.

Our staff and student members engage with the collaborative activities of one or more of our research streams:

Our funding and income

ARC grants ADI more than half a million dollars for new research

In 2016, several of our researchers were awarded more than half a million dollars in prestigious federal government research funding. 

Professor Christoph Antons from Deakin's School of Law was awarded $144,178 for a discovery project independently assessing the development of the Indonesian intellectual property system over the past 30 years. Dr Jessica Walton from our diversity and identity stream received $367,979 for a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award.

Our institute and team

The ADI team includes teaching and research staff, PhD students, research assistants and our administration team. We also work closely with, and have many, external member visitors.

Almost a quarter of our team are postdoctoral research fellows and the majority are research fellows working on one of our streams. Nearly half of our team are students and, collectively, we complete around 25 PhDs each year.