Our research

Our research addresses problems concerning social, cultural, economic and political inequalities and human rights. We want to make a difference by expanding the capacity, depth and quality of knowledge and understanding we generate. We work in collaboration with partners locally, nationally and internationally.

Our global research agenda

We're committed to a genuinely worldly research agenda. We reflect the reality that the social, political and cultural issues Australia faces are interconnected with international influences and processes.

Our approach to research and capacity building reflects this global awareness as we collaborate and partner with universities, civil society organisations and government agencies around the world. We have expertise in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, North Africa and Europe, and we actively pursue collaborative interdisciplinary research with many partners in these regions.

How we conduct our research

We aim to advance theories that reflect the breadth and depth of the problems we're investigating. Many of the methodologies we use in our research projects are transnational, cross-cultural and international. They contribute to the construction of truly global knowledge, unconstrained by borders and boundaries.

Our researchers use data collection methods that are culturally sensitive. We facilitate genuine working partnerships between the 'north' and 'south' in an effort to bridge the global knowledge divide.

Professor Emma Kowal, cultural and medical anthropologist

Professor Kowal's previous work as a medical doctor and public health researcher in Indigenous health settings in Australia has led her to pursue two intersecting lines of theory and empirical research:

  • Australian racial politics
    Indigeneity and whiteness, settler colonialism and postcolonialism, racism and anti-racism.
  • Science and technology studies
    The anthropology of biomedical research, genomics, bioethics and public health.

Research influences Senate's community development program

Our research expert Professor Jon Altman's concerns over changes to the Community Development Program were heard by a Senate inquiry examining the Social Security Legislation Amendment (Community Development Program) Bill 2015.

In his submission to the inquiry Professor Altman argued that the proposed bill would perpetuate or even exacerbate poverty.

Our research projects

The ADI conducts innovative multidisciplinary research projects that are funded by the Australian Research Council, as well as partnerships and consultancies with the not-for-profit sector, government and industry.

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Our research streams

Our research streams

The institute's research streams foster opportunities for collaboration, project development and mentoring among members and students with shared research interests and priorities.

Researching the theory, policy and practice necessary for the achievement of good development and the fulfilment of human rights.

Development, Inequality and Wellbeing

Find out more about our Development, Inequality and Wellbeing stream

Diversity and Identity

Exploring meanings and impact of identity within and between complex societies.

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Governance, Justice and Security

Researching personal, social and global aspects of efforts to promote peace, stability and justice.

Find out more about our Governance, Justice and Security stream

Heritage, Indigeneity and Sustainability

Examining heritage and culture and their increasing importance within international discourse on globalisation, sustainability, security and more.

Find out more about our Heritage, Indigeneity and Sustainability stream

Our research networks

Our research networks help strengthen our local and global partnerships and provide a forum for exchanging ideas and international collaboration. We have networks that focus on a range of areas such as multiculturalism, philosophy and the history of ideas, the Middle East and the Asia–Pacific.

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