Fethullah Gülen Chair in Islamic Studies and Intercultural Dialogue

The Fethullah Gülen Chair in Islamic Studies and Intercultural Dialogue was established through an endowment by the Australian Intercultural Society in order to provide new insights into the role that social inclusion can play in building a peaceful society.

The Chair adopts a multi-disciplinary partner-based approach to research that promotes intercultural appreciation, and a better understanding of Islam and Muslims in the West.

The Chair aims to address real local, national, transnational and global challenges alongside contemporary issues affecting Australia related to Islam, Muslims and the Muslim world. To meet this objective, the Chair fosters academic research in Islamic studies; sociology, politics and political economy of Islam and the Muslim world; interfaith and intercultural studies; and cultural diversity and immigration studies.

“We live in difficult times. For those who care about the Muslim world, Muslim or non-Muslim, the realities that we see are deeply disturbing. On one side, Muslims are finding their religion hijacked by violent extremists, while on the other, many Muslims face discrimination from right-wing anti-Islam extremists. This vicious cycle can only be broken by the production and dissemination of knowledge that not only informs minds but also facilitates critical thinking, self-reflexivity, empathy, openness to others and intercultural exchange.”

Professor Ihsan Yilmaz

Fethullah Gülen Chair in Islamic Studies and Intercultural Dialogue.

Our team

Australian Intercultural Society
Selimiye Foundation

Post-Doctoral Research Associate
James Barry, PhD

PhD Candidates
Zuhal Caliskan
Ahmet Keskin
Matthew O’Rourke
Shaheen Whyte

Current projects

Understanding Social Cohesion in the Afghan Community of Geelong

Funded by the Research Institute on Social Cohesion (RIOSC), an initiative of the Victorian Government.