Partnerships and consultancies

We have collaborations and partnerships with universities, civil society organisations, the not-for-profit sector, government agencies and industry around the world. With expertise in the Asia–Pacific, Middle East, North Africa and Europe, we research with many partners in these regions and have set up our four research streams to provide opportunities for collaboration and project development.

A worldly research agenda

We're committed to a genuinely worldly research agenda that reflects an empirical reality that the social, political and cultural issues Australia faces are interconnected with international influences and processes. We strive for truly global knowledge, unconstrained by borders and boundaries. As a result, many of the methodologies we use in our research projects are transnational, cross-cultural and international.

Researchers at ADI have many projects on the go across our four research streams.

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ADI welcome new collaborations and partnerships with researchers, students and external stakeholders with shared interests and priorities.

Explore our partnerships and consultancies with government agencies, industry, civil society organisations, the not-for-profit sector and universities around the world.

Government partnerships


We are working with AusAid to examine how key informant research in rural and pastoralist Ethiopia will identify facilitators and barriers to the use of maternal, neonatal and child health services. 

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Australian Agency for International Development

We are working with the Australian Agency for International Development to identify the needs and priorities of children with disabilities in Vanuatu and PNG. 

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Australian Department of Defence & Australian Research Council

We are working together to document and interpret the heritage destruction which has occurred in Iraq and Syria. We are looking at the time following the Iraq War of 2003, the Arab Spring of 2011 and particularly since the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Measuring Cultural Property Destruction in Iraq and Syria

This project seeks to measure and interpret this heritage destruction over two distinct phases. The first phase concerns the period of US occupation in Iraq from 2003-2011. It documents the heritage destruction done not only by occupational forces but also by various terrorist groups and sectarian militias.

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Government of Sweden (Swedish Expert Group on Aid Studies)

This project partnership sees us establishing a framework for evaluating the performance of bilateral development assistance or aid to an individual country, and to apply that framework to Sweden's assistance to Tanzania. 

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Organisational partnerships

Analysis of the causes, nature and capacities for peace in Myanmar's Rohingya Muslim - Rakhine Buddhist conflict

This project will analyse the complex conflict between the national Burmese government, the “Rohingya” Muslims and the local Buddhist in Rakhine state, Myanmar, in light of the country's historic political, and economic transition.

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Experiences and perspectives of Koreans in Australia and New Zealand

This project analyses the lives of Korean migrants who were born or grew up in Australia and New Zealand (including adoptees), the role that they play in their host societies, their connections with the Korean community and with the Korean homeland, and the formation of their identities.

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National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission of Thailand

We’re assisting the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission of Thailand to develop strategies to combat extreme ideologies, behaviours and values in Thai Muslim communities. We hope to prevent, combat and minimise anti-social behaviour and build community resilience. 

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Qatar National Research Fund

Together we are assessing the extent to which religious discourse is an integral part of identity politics in the Middle East and how it is used for political gain. 

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The Centre for Multicultural Youth

Our researchers are working to evaluate the 'Social Cohesion, Young People and Multiculturalism' project, which is being run by the Centre for Multicultural Youth in two areas of rapid growth and high immigrant concentration in metropolitan Melbourne.

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University partnerships

City University of New York, United States

We are partnering with City University of New York in the United States to understand the role that Islamic religious beliefs, rituals and faith-based community practices play in shaping experiences of belonging and citizenship in multicultural, western cities.

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Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

We are working with Monash University to examine modern re-inventions of the classical ideal of philosophy as a way of life. 

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Australian Research Council project

Our projects are funded by Australian Research Council (ARC) grants. We are supported by Future Fellowships and DECRA Fellowships in areas of national importance. The Discovery Projects scheme supports our basic and applied research and the Linkage Projects scheme promotes the development of long-term strategic alliances between higher education organisations, industry and end users.

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Our researchers

ADI is led by Alfred Deakin Professor Fethi Mansouri. We are a large team of researchers from diverse disciplines and areas of study. We work together in a vibrant environment with a shared goal of understanding the complex social issues associated with globalising processes.

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Featured researcher

Shahram Akbarzadeh is Research Professor of Middle East & Central Asian Politics and holds the prestigious ARC Future Fellowship. He has an active research interest in the politics of Central Asia, Islam, Muslims in Australia and the Middle East.

He has published more than 40 refereed papers. Among his latest publications are a sole-authored book on Uzbekistan and the United States, a co-authored book on US Foreign Policy in the Middle East, and a co-authored book on Muslim Active Citizenship in the West.

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We welcome new collaborations and partners who would like to work with us. Our four research streams – Development, Inequality and Wellbeing, Diversity and Identity, Governance, Justice and Security and Heritage, Indigeneity and Sustainability – support research opportunities for meaningful collaboration and professional development among researchers, students and external stakeholders with shared interests and priorities.

Please contact Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh for more information.

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