Young Australians’ perspectives on religions and non-religious worldviews

By generating the first robust empirical basis for understanding Australian young peoples' intercultural, interreligious understanding this project intends to enhance our capacity to apprehend political and cultural change in our region.

Using surveys and interviews, this research aims to provide a strong foundation for developing education about religions and non-religious worldviews, as well as aspiring to enhance the ability of schools to promote wellbeing, religious tolerance and inclusion.

Our team

Associate Professor Andrew Singleton
Dr Anna Halafoff

Australian National University
Professor Mary Louise Rasmussen

Monash University
Professor Gary Bouma

University of Warwick, UK
Professor Leslie Francis
Dr Elisabeth Arweck
Professor Robert Jackson

This project will discover what Australian teens think about religious and cultural diversity. It is an important question for our current age

Associate Professor Andrew Singleton

Associate Head Of School (Research)

Project funding

This project is funded by an Australian Research Council Discovery Grant Scheme: DP160102367