UNESCO Chair Cultural Diversity and Social Justice

The UNESCO Chair program builds capacity and promotes international cooperation through the exchange of knowledge and resources in the fields of education, science, culture and communication. We hope to ensure cultural diversity is accepted and embraced as a core tenet of humanity.

Our vision

We want to promote the values of tolerance and understanding through dialogue, in the pursuit of peace and human development. Recognition of diversity and social justice constitute the foundation upon which such goals are to be conceptualised, pursued and achieved.

The work of this Chair will be underpinned by a vision of culture as a key tool for sustainable development, and as a conduit for achieving ethical engagement with, and solidarity between, various communities and cultures.

Ultimately we hope to create a think tank and be a bridge builder between researchers, civil society and policy makers interested in the critical issues of cultural diversity and social justice.



Professor Fethi Mansouri

Professor Fethi Mansouri, UNESCO Chair Cultural Diversity and Social Justice

Alfred Deakin Institute Director Professor Fethi Mansouri has put Australia on the map for the right reasons on issues to do with human rights, refugees and the challenges facing migrant and minority groups and settlement. He holds two roles: first as UNESCO Chair for Cultural Diversity and Social Justice, and also in leading the UNESCO global research network, the UniTwin Network on Interreligious Dialogue for Intercultural Understanding.

The role is critical to helping UNESCO make headway on its decade-long goal to build Rapprochement of Cultures by 2022 in a volatile global climate. The network brings the expertise of more than 30 global UNESCO research chairs to bear on UNESCO's big goal.

Key research on intercultural understanding

Between 2013 and 2016, the UNESCO Chair, Cultural Diversity and Social Justice and partners undertook a large-scale research project. This project was developed to build an appreciation of Australia's social, cultural, linguistic and religious diversity, and the ability to relate to and communicate across cultures. The Intercultural Understanding (ICU) Project works with schools and systems to help them build ICU.

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