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One of Professor Mansouri's many goals as UNESCO Chair, Cultural Diversity and Social Justice will be ensuring cultural diversity is accepted and embraced as a core tenet of humanity. There will also be a special focus on issues confronting African Diaspora communities, migrant youth and women.

The UNESCO Chair, Cultural Diversity and Social Justice has particular interest in:       

  1. The social and ethical challenges of intercultural relations;
  2. The democratic governance of cultural diversity;
  3. Intercultural dialogue and conflict resolution;
  4. Global processes affecting migrant youth, African Diaspora communities and women;
  5. Youth and civil societies in Arab spring countries.

Recent projects and grants hosted by the UNESCO Chair

 An Arab Exception? The Role of Civil Society in Tunisia's Democratic Transition
Partnership with the Council for Arab-Australian Relations (CAAR)In 2015, the UNESCO Chair, Cultural Diversity and Social Justice partnered with the Council of Arab-Australian Relations (CAAR) to host a series of events exploring the role of civil society organisations in Tunisia's transition to democracy.

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