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Aboriginal Australians and boundary crossings

Tue, 23 Jul 2013 15:28:00 +1000

ADRI member Dr Tiffany Shellam will deliver the annual Greg Dening Lecture at Melbourne University on Thursday 8th August. The lecture will be done as a panel session with two other scholars, Shino Konishi and Maria Nugent who are working with Tiffany on an ARC Discovery Project.

The title of the lecture is Aboriginal Australians and boundary crossings.

Recent years have witnessed renewed scholarly and popular interest in the history of exploration. Today, attention is as likely to be focused on Indigenous 'intermediaries' who made exploration possible as it is on expedition leaders or hero-explorers. In this panel presentation we draw on our current collaborative research project, 'Exploring the Middle Ground', to reflect on the saliency of Greg Dening’s influential idea of the 'beach' for writing new cross-cultural histories of Australian exploration.

Tiffany has authored Shaking Hands on the Fringe: Negotiating the Aboriginal World at King George’s Sound (UWA Press, 2009) and is currently working on an ARC-funded project, Exploring the Middle Ground: New Histories of Cross-Cultural Encounters in Australian Maritime and Land Exploration.

What: Aboriginal Australians and boundary crossings

When: Thursday 9th August, 6:30pm

Where: St Mary's College, The University of Melbourne

Image of Wurundjeri people at the signing of Batman's Treaty, 1835
Wurundjeri people at the signing of Batman's Treaty, 1835. Image: Wikipedia
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