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ADRI authors stamped into prestigious journals

Fri, 26 Jul 2013 17:15:00 +1000

The Contemporary Histories Group is making its mark in multiple journal ventures of high quality.

First, three articles are appearing in 2013-14 editions of the prestigious UK-based Journal of Contemporary History.

  • David Lowe’s 'Journalists and the Stirring of Australian Public Diplomacy: The Colombo Plan Towards the 1906s' can be found in volume 48, no. 1 (January 2013) p175-190
  • Sam.P.Koehne’s ‘Reassessing The Holy Reich: Leading Nazis’ Views on Confession, Community and “Jewish” Materialism,’can be found in volume 48, no.3 (July 2013) p423–425
    Download it here
  • And next year, Greg Burgess's 'Remaking Asylum in Post-War France, 1944-46' is due to appear in a special issue with the working title 'the Nation-State and Refugees' (July 2014).

In addition, we welcome the forthcoming Special Issue on the Decolonisation of Melanesia: Journal of Pacific History 43:2 (2013)

This special issue edited by Associate Professor Christopher Waters and Dr Helen Gardner, reignites discussion on nations and nationalism in the Pacific, previously tackled almost exclusively by anthropology. The editors urge a better historical evaluation of the events of decolonisation and greater recognition of the role of local nationalists in the promotion of national consciousness and the formation of national institutions.  As one reviewer noted in support of the issue: ‘ intellectual and international developments have worked to diminish the historical significance of decolonisation in the region and the stories of local agency.’ This special issue therefore provides an important counterpoint to the scholarly failure to acknowledge the importance of decolonisation to Melanesian peoples. It also tracks Melanesian efforts to formulate nations that are reflective of national character in the last wave of post-war decolonisation.

The editors have also contributed individual papers. Contributors also include Professors Clive Moore (University of Queensland) and Judy Bennett (University of Otago):  ADRI Senior Fellow Jonathan Ritchie  and Dr Anne Dickson Waiko (University of Papua New Guinea).

Download it here

And the forthcoming (2013) issue of History Australia is partly thematic, drawing on papers presented at an ADRI seminar. The theme, 'Nationalism, Transnationalism and Australianness', is organised and co-edited by David Lowe and Sharon Crozier de-Rosa (formerly ADRI and now University of Wollongong) and includes papers by Chris Waters, 'Nationalism, Britishness and Australian History: The Meaney Thesis Revisited', and David Lowe, 'Australians Assembling'.

You can also catch another of the group members, Dr Tiffany Shellam, in action next week when she delivers the annual Greg Dening Lecture at Melbourne University.

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ADRI members have authored articles in the Journal of Contemporary History, Journal of Pacific History, and History Australia this year.
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