Alfred Deakin Research Institute


ADRI-TERI Symposium

Markets, Regulations and Renewables

Michael Folie presents a practical plan for successful energy use.

  • Energy is vital to future economic success and development.
  • When energy consumption increases prosperity increases.
  • The reality for both China and India is that you have to get the supply.
  • Energy consumption in India will increase four times the current rate meaning that (if the current situation continues) 300 million people will be without electricity.
  • The distribution of economic prosperity to rural villages can only be centrally operated.
  • Renewables cannot reach this production level. India is constrained in oil and gas because of its geostrategic situation.
  • Both China and India have been driving demand for nuclear power. With 21 nuclear power plants in development and 11 online, China has not been building as many nuclear power plants (possibly because of its 'tofu' engineering). By comparison the French (by contrast) have successfully built them. The Nuclear industry always creates socio-political concerns. It should not be committed to without caution. The program should be reviewed, designs checked, and corruption reformed.
  • A 'lego' plan must be set up for power-grid construction.
    1. Investment for power grid
    2. Regulatory reform in practical terms (privitisation/liberalization)

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18th December 2012