Alumni Community mission and vision

Our mission

In support of the University's goal to be recognised as Australia's most progressive university, by providing relevant, innovate and responsive teaching and learning, research, partnerships and international programs, the Deakin University Alumni Community mission is to offer a vibrant globally-foccussed alumni community that facilitates for meaningful lifelong communication between the University and its Alumni members.

The Alumni program aims to

  • Provide for tailored communication and networking avenues that add tangible value to our Alumni community
  • Provide a valuable and continuing education and lifelong learning resource for Alumni members
  • Encourage as a feature of Deakin University, a sense of community through strong links with our graduates and the wider university community
  • Enhance the overall reputation of Deakin University and build brand champions
  • Advance Deakin's education, research, facility and scholarship development programs through the sourcing of philanthropic revenues and engagement with Alumni of influence AND
  • Recognise the achievements of our Alumni in the community, professionally and at Deakin University

Our Vision

In order to achieve this mission, our vision is, "To provide the finest alumni community for our alumni to further enhance their career and personal development."

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