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All Deakin graduates are known as alumni. To connect with other graduates and enjoy the benefits of our Alumni Community, you need to make sure your details are up to date.

Our community

Since Deakin began teaching in 1977, over 200,000 students have graduated from the University. These students have originated from metropolitan and regional Victoria, across Australia and from over 105 countries around the world.

Upon graduation, Deakin students automatically transition to alumni and are able to retain their links to the University through the Alumni Community. There are many benefits of remaining connected to Deakin, including exclusive access to ongoing, lifelong learning and continued educational initiatives.

What is the Deakin University Alumni Community?

The Alumni Community enables you to maintain or reconnect with your student, academic and professional networks. Our programs are designed to raise your awareness of initiatives relevant to your interests by offering programs and opportunities that will benefit you throughout your personal and professional life. Deakin offers a varied program of events, communications and benefits that will help you keep in touch and stay engaged.

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To stay connected with the Alumni Community, simply login to the alumni portal to update your contact details or complete the Alumni Community registration.