Alumni webinar series

Webinar and professional development seminar recordings

Our Alumni professional development webinars and seminars are held regularly throughout the year on a wide range of topics; for upcoming dates and details please see the alumni event calendar.

Attend an alumni seminar to be inspired, broaden your thinking, learn and network.
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Links to webinar recordings

1. Visualise, analyse, realise: the role that design and creativity plays in education, technology and business
Webinar presented by Dr Paul Collins, Deakin University School of Engineering

2. Addressing the Challenge of engaging fans in sporting events
Webinar presented by Dr Adam Karg, Deakin University School of Management and Marketing

3. Media Matters: The impact of media on politics & education
Webinar presented by Dr Shaun Rawolle, Deakin University School of Education

4. The global burden of noncommunicable diseases
Webinar presented by Associate Professor in Public Health Colin Bell, Deakin School of Medicine

5. All pumped up; exploring the use of performance and image enhancing drug use
Webinar presented by Dr Matthew Dunn, Deakin University School of Health and Social Development

6. Accessing the hidden job market
Webinar presented by Rob Vague, Deakin University Jobshop

7. Economics and the brain, how people make decisions in turbulent times"
Webinar presented by Dr Paul Harrison, Deakin University Graduate School of Business

8. Early childhood development: Do children run around like supercharged dynamos or are they couch potatoes in training?
Webinar presented by Trina Hinkley PhD - Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre of Physical Activity and Nutrition Research (C-PAN)

Links to seminar recordings

1. Psychology of High Performance in Sport, Business and Life
Seminar presented by Deakin Alumni member Richard Bennett - High Performance Psychologist, OM Psychology

2. Can we prevent depression by improving diet?
Seminar presented by Dr Felice Jacka, Associate Professor (Research), Deakin School of Medicine

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