1973-1981 State Colleges of Victoria (Toorak)

East wing of the State Colleges of Victoria
In 1973, with the passing of the S.C.V. Act (1) Toorak Teachers' College became part of a federation of colleges which was to form a third stream of tertiary education in Victoria along with the universities and technologically oriented colleges of advanced education.

McInerny building
The ensuing greater autonomy from the Education Department and improved resources allowed the construction in 1975 of the McInerney building (pictured left); a three story construction designed by Yuncken Freeman Pty Ltd. Meanwhile, throughout the 1970s major refurbishment works were carried out on the main building of Stonington.


 image of stonington car rally at the state colleges of victoria at toorak  image of a band in the mcinerney building lounge at the state colleges of victoria in toorak  image of the television control room at the state colleges of victoria in toorak
Stonington car rally 1978
Band in the McInerney building lounge 1976
Television control room 1976

Deakin University acknowledges the traditional land owners of present campus sites.

26th November 2009