Mentor Guidelines and FAQs

How do I register to become a mentor?

  1. Read and agree to these guidelines.
  2. Read and agree to Deakin's mentoring privacy statement
  3. Complete and submit the mentor registration form via the Alumni web site

What happens after I register to become a mentor?

Once you register to be a mentor, your details will be retained on Deakin's mentoring database and be available to prospective mentees to search (excluding your name and contact details) and apply online to you for mentoring.

Once a potential mentee applies for you to become their mentor, you will then receive an email that will include the details of that prospective mentee for your consideration and acceptance or rejection. This acceptance or rejection must be given by you online within 8 days.

Upon accepting a mentee application our system will then release to the mentee your preferred contact details and you are then both expected to contact each other to commence your mentoring relationship.

What are the requirements to be a mentor?

To be a mentor you are required to have:

  • at least three years experience in your career field or area of expertise
  • an interest in sharing your professional experiences with your mentee
  • the ability to identify your mentee's strengths and weaknesses and foster their career development
  • an adequate amount of time to be in contact with your mentee
  • the ability to provide constructive feedback to a mentee
  • agreed to maintain confidentiality within the mentoring relationship
  • the ability to listen to a mentee's opinions and to promote creative discussion
  • agreed to provide feedback to the Deakin Central Alumni Office as to your mentoring relationship(s)

What am I expected to do as a mentor?

As a mentor you are expected to foster the career development of a mentee in a professional, constructive and proactive way and pass on your work and life experiences to them.

You are expected to liaise regularly with your mentee and give them:

  • general advice on making the transition from study to work or between jobs
  • advice on how to balance education, career and extracurricular activities
  • insights into similar career, academic, cultural and/or social interests and experiences
  • insights and information about industry trends
  • insights and advice on how to gain an entry level position in your industry
  • the knowledge and confidence necessary to work in your industry
  • honest feedback and constructive criticism

How often should I have contact with my mentee?

This is totally at your discretion having regard to your work and other commitments.

As a guide it is expected that in order for both of you to get the most out of a mentoring relationship, you should have contact with your mentee for at least one hour every two weeks.

Can I receive payment for mentoring?

No - the program is voluntary and strictly not-for-payment

Am I expected to provide work experience or a job placement to a mentee?

No - this is at your discretion.

Who do I mentor and for how long?

As a mentor you have the option of mentoring a current Deakin Alumni member, student or staff member for a maximum period of 4 months at a time.

How many mentees can I mentor?

You can mentor one mentee at a time.

What if I encounter problems with a mentoring relationship?

At first instance you should communicate any problems you are experiencing within the mentoring relationship to your mentee, in a professional and sensitive manner in an attempt to overcome any problems you are experiencing.

Failing this you should contact the Deakin Central Alumni Office for assistance.

How do I take myself off the mentor database?

To cease being a mentor or being considered to be a mentor you can deregister via the Alumni mentoring edit details web site or alternatively contact the Deakin Central Alumni Office via email

You can always rejoin the mentoring database at a later date and at any time.

How do I terminate an existing mentoring relationship?

Should you wish to discontinue an existing mentoring relationship, you can do so at any time, however you must notify your mentee and the Deakin Central Alumni Office as soon as possible of your intention to do so.

Where can I get more information?

Contact the Deakin Central Alumni Office via email

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25th July 2013