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Danial Ahchow
Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts 2001

Danial Ahchow is a Deakin graduate and the co-founder of Service Central - an organisation that matches trade providers to customers. In three years, the company has grown to over 100,000 clients and generates millions of dollars for a wide range of service providers. It was recently recognised as 'E-Business of the Year' at the annual My Business magazine awards.

What did you study at Deakin and when?

I studied at Deakin's Melbourne Campus at Burwood and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws in 2001.

Why did you choose Deakin?

I wanted to enter the world with strong practical skills that would help me in the business world. Deakin's law degree provided just that.

How has your career developed?

I was an industrial relations lawyer with the RACV before moving into project management. One of these projects was designing a system that streamlined the management of the 600+ contractors that represented themselves as RACV. This provided ideas on how people could better engage quality contractors and was one of the catalysts behind the idea of Service Central.

What is your business?

I am co-founder and executive director of Service Central which finds the right businesses for clients. We launched the business in 2005 with the mission of revolutionising the services marketplace globally. Effectively we saw how difficult it was to find quality local tradespeople and businesses.

What is your role in the business?

As co-founder, I'm the jack-of-all-trades. I need to know and understand every aspect of the business. Predominantly, I focus on marketing, IT and strategic deals. However, as a member of the Board, it's also important to have a firm grasp of the businesses finances, corporate governance and developing relationships with key clients and investors.

How has your Deakin degree helped you in your career?

A law degree provides a fantastic foundation for business. It gives you a great understanding of your rights and responsibilities as you enter into contractual negotiations. Furthermore, it's a brilliant generalist degree that has proven invaluable in developing the logical thinking behind IT systems and business planning. Also, the discipline required to finish a law degree is extremely well respected in the business world.

How do you think Deakin is different from other universities?

I loved how Deakin's course structure was designed with the working application in mind. The lecturers were experienced professionals in their industry with a genuine understanding of how to best apply what we were learning. Deakin doesn't take a pure academic approach and at the end of the day this results in graduates that can go out into the real world and apply their knowledge immediately.

What advice do you have for any prospective students?
If you are smart and disciplined the choice of course doesn't matter - you will achieve in life. But a degree in a respected course from a quality university opens up many doors - it's then up to you to maximize these opportunities.

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26th November 2009