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Donald (Don) Moore
Master of Business Administration 1995

According to Master of Business Administration graduate Don Moore, his degree helped him to prepare for roles in senior management and set up his own business ventures.

'My technical qualifications (Don also holds an Engineering degree) did not prepare me for senior management. I needed the finance, legal and planning elements that the Deakin MBA provides to basically do my job - and more than that, my career actually pushed forward after my MBA studies.'

'Since then I have built up two companies and grown them into internationally recognised Management & Human Resources consulting organisations and travelled the world in doing so,' Don explained.

Don has been involved with Executive Recruitment for many years with a focus on the Government Sector building and has built strong relationships with Local, State and Federal Governments.

'It's the relationships that I have enjoyed most about all my roles including Recruitment, and I've had some great career highlights.

For example I managed to source a person to grow turf in 50 degrees centigrade and 0% humidity in Saudi Arabia and he did it, I developed a team of Government Auditors who developed tight, prescriptive standards after the highly political HIH affair and put together an Australian management team for possibly the world's largest Aquaculture Project (2,000 Hectares under water) and a second team for their sister organisation in the Poultry business (600,000 birds processed daily).'

'It's a world of huge changes and ever tightening resources in both the Private and Government Sectors, however application of many of the MBA concepts that I learned, has enabled me to remove the fear and perform needs analyses which result in achievable person and position descriptions being developed from the apparent chaos, which can then be used to source appropriate executives - it's great when it all works!' he said.

Don started Sessional Teaching in Management and Human Resources some 3 years ago now and has moved more into Educational Consulting. “My broad yet deep work experiences allow me to use real life examples and to explain complex models in terms students can understand and then replicate in their work places”.

Don has worked across both Vocational and Higher Education strata and is comfortable with the Pathways between them which allow continuous life-long learning

Recalling fondly his time spent as an off- campus student at Deakin, Don says that he felt like he was part of an extended family and now as an Alumni still does.

'Although it was an off-campus course, a group of four students met weekly for four years. We had competitions to find the hottest chilli chips and the best homemade cakes. This certainly encouraged us to show up each week!'

'We had sessions at all Deakin Campuses with residents in Geelong and I even remember one RAAF student who borrowed an F18 Hornet Jetfighter and flew in from Darwin to be with us. As off-campus students, we never felt like we were isolated and it just seemed we were part of the Deakin family unit.'

Don now has his sights set firmly on working full time in the Education Sector and has forecast a potential return to study at Deakin.

I am considering tackling the Doctor of Business Administration at Deakin - I'd love to be Dr Don!'

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23rd May 2011