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Donny Taulo
Bachelor of Commerce 2002

The decision to undertake a degree in commerce has opened up literally a world of opportunities for graduate Donny Taulo, who is now living his passion in the automotive industry.

Now based in Gandul Indonesia, Donny graduated from Deakin with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2002, with majors in Marketing and Electronic Commerce Management. He is currently Assistant Chief Supervisor in Strategy and Planning in the Spare Parts Division of Honda Prospect Motors - one of the largest car makers and exporters in the world.

'My main task is to develop strategies to achieve the target sales set by management and to improve the sales skills of personnel within our main and sub-dealerships. It is also part of my role to ensure these sales people do not simply sell a product, but more importantly seek to achieve total customer satisfaction. By doing this they help Honda to reach its sales targets through return and new business. It is also part of my role to ensure dealers feel they are members of Honda's big family around the world,' he said.

A long-time car lover, Donny explained that many males in particular would envy his job which carries with it some nice perks along the way.

'I, like so many men, love my cars and I'm fortunate that I get to see and have an influence in the planning and production of Honda's vehicles and parts - and the best thing as an employee, I receive special advantages, after sales treatment and discounts when purchasing a Honda.'

Like many Deakin students who don't come directly from secondary school to university, Donny explained that he articulated from a TAFE course into his BCom.

'Before coming to study at Deakin, I was at Chisholm Institute of TAFE in Berwick Victoria and it was my plan to only study at this level. However I heard so many good reports from teaching staff there about Deakin (some of whom were graduates of Deakin), that I just had to find out for myself.

'I found Deakin University to be one of a kind. There was even more opportunities and advantages than what I was first told about. I especially found the academics to be so helpful and friendly and the facilities like the library, gym, sports activities, student days out and so many other things were all great.'

'One thing that I experienced, that as a student at Deakin, it's not exclusively about study, but you are given the opportunity to develop your social life. As part of this experience, I had the opportunity to become President of the Deakin Indonesian Student Society that I established with some other Indonesian colleagues,' he said.

Therefore it is not surprising that Donny credits Deakin in helping to give him a clear advantage in finding employment in the competitive automotive industry employment market.

'After graduating from a foreign university, I found myself able to source better job opportunities back home in Indonesia as compared to those graduates from local universities. The skills and knowledge I developed at Deakin still influence my decision-making and formulation of ideas to help me fulfil our customer's needs and ultimately sell more Honda products,' he said.

As for the future Donny has further study in mind.

'In today's global economy, you always have to keep developing your skills and increasing your knowledge base to be as broad as possible. Thanks to my current employer, who strongly promotes employee development, I am planning to apply for various scholarships offered by the Australian Government next year in order to pursue postgraduate studies, and I would certainly like to come back to my alma mater to undertake this - that's for sure!'

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26th November 2009