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Kym Wilson
Bachelor of Commerce 2008

I chose Deakin because...
I had been working in Financial Planning since 2001 and I wanted to complete my undergraduate studies whilst continuing to work full-time.  At the time, Deakin was one of the few universities that offered a major in Financial Planning.  Deakin also had the most advanced off-campus delivery with a highly developed online portal delivering study materials to facilitate my learning without the need to go on campus.  This was particularly convenient as I was travelling interstate frequently for work at the time.

After leaving Deakin I…
Temporarily relocated from Melbourne to Sydney to work on a major product development project with my company, where we were focussing on our client segmentation, product and service offering, revenue uplift opportunities and planning the development of in-house managed funds.  Taking on a different role within the Executive Management team and working on a critical project as well as spending some extended time in Sydney was an exciting opportunity.

After returning to Melbourne, I took some annual leave and went on holiday to India and then Thailand to indulge my passion of scuba diving. This trip inspired me to take a 12 month sabbatical predominantly travelling around Thailand, where I also completed my Dive Master and Scuba Instructor qualifications. Since then, I’ve split my time between scuba diving in Thailand and financial planning contract work in Australia.

In my profession of financial planning it is important to...
Put the client first.  I know that sounds clichéd, but in the Financial Planning industry, profits and products can often mistakenly take importance over the client.  Financial Planning businesses exist because of their clients. It is important to understand your clients and client base, understand your core strengths and how you can deliver value to your clients.

Today, I am motivated by…
Witnessing hardship and suffering in the world. That in itself sounds a bit horrible but in my travels to India and Thailand, I have seen so many humans and animals living in poverty and this really motivates me to try and make a difference in the world no matter how small.

I am currently...
Spending some time in Puducherry in India, volunteering with a small non-government organisation called Prime Educational and Social Trust.

Prime Trust dedicates its efforts towards female empowerment, social awareness and children’s education.  Prime Trust has many projects underway in which they are trying to actively improve their local community and the lives of women and children.  They act as an intermediary between women’s self help groups and banks, seek and provide vocational training for women, run evening remedial schools for disadvantaged children, seek sponsorship for the education of disadvantaged children and conduct social awareness campaigns related to AIDS prevention and treatment, nutrition, women’s equality and children’s rights.

I decided to help in a boy’s orphanage that houses 14 boys aged 4 to 16.  This involves going to the orphanage everyday from 5am to 8am to wake them up, take them to the park to exercise and play volleyball, help them with their homework and get them to school.  I then go back from 5pm to 8pm to help them with more homework and practise their English literacy.  There’s always time for fun and the boys are hopelessly addicted to Tamil dancing and singing.  There really is nothing better than watching a room full of boys let loose, singing and dancing their hearts out Tamil style!

There are so many ways that you can get involved with Prime Trust, depending upon your personal preferences.  There are some areas they could use some more specialist and skilled assistance in such as; psychology, counselling and specific skills training like web training and development.

Success to me is...
Achieving your dreams both big and small.  Just a few examples of my successes include; being promoted into a senior management position in my late 20’s, travelling to some wonderful countries, diving with turtles, sharks and whale sharks, completing my tertiary studies at Deakin, being offered different and challenging opportunities in my career and completing my Dive Master and Scuba Instructor courses.

In the future I would like to...
Transition my career into teaching, writing or counselling.  I’d also like to find a way to help all of the street dogs in Pondicherry as there are so many dogs and so few organisations able to help.

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29th August 2011