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Moira Dempsey
Bachelor of Social Science 1978
Warrnambool Institute of Advanced Education (WIAE)

I am currently...
Senior Instructor and administrator for Rhythmic Movement Training International; a Brain Gym Instructor and member of the Board of Directors of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation based in Ventura California; and also an Instructor of Touch for Health.

I chose to study at WIAE because...
I was one of the beneficiaries of the enormous expansion in tertiary education initiated by the Whitlam Government in the early 1970s. Before this time tertiary education was only a far flung dream for many of us. WIAE was one of those institutions that provided the initial expansion, and provided a place for those of us who had no family history of tertiary education to find our way.

At that time, in the mid 1970’s, WIAE was offering courses that I was interested in and I also wanted to move away from Melbourne for a while. I had always liked Warrnambool so it seemed like a good choice.

After leaving uni...
I worked my way around Europe for a year. When I came back to Australia I worked at the Australian Bureau of Statistics as a clerk. This was not something that I enjoyed very much, so in 1983 I did my teaching diploma and went on to teach English and Humanities in the country town of Nhill in the Wimmera District of Victoria.

In 1988 I went to Sarawak in Malaysia with Australian Volunteers Abroad (AVA) and for three years worked as an English teacher in the government schools sector firstly at SMK Sebuyau, then in SMK Lundu and finally at SMK Green Road.

It was when I returned to Melbourne in the early 1990s that I first came into contact with kinesiology through Touch for Health and Educational Kinesiology where I attended some of their classes. Little did I know that it would trigger a lifelong passion for me in this discipline.

I moved back to Sarawak, then on to Singapore and eventually went on to teach classes in kinesiology in Singapore for some years and started my own consultancy business initially called Brain Tones and later called Integrated Being. I moved back to Australia in 2005 and in 2007 I co-founded Rhythmic Movement Training International and since that time the organisation has grown to have instructors and providers in over 20 countries and I now spend up to 9 months a year travelling to train our instructors and teach my own classes.

I chose to pursue my interest in kinesiology…
Because as a teacher I was always curious about why some students had difficulty learning. I also wondered about why I would find some things easy and other things just so difficult to do; as well as why I and so many other people were so clumsy and uncoordinated.

Professionally, my proudest achievements are...
Obtaining Outstanding Achievement Awards from the Educational Kinesiology Foundation and Brain Gym International in 2000 and 2005. My 2009 Humanitarian Award from Australian Kinesiology Foundation (AKA) was also special to me as was co-founding RMT International and establishing the worldwide organisation to support RMT providers, instructors and clients.

Recently I also co-released a book on Rhythmic Movement Training with a Swedish psychiatrist Dr Harald Blomberg titled Movements that Heal.

Success to me is...
Doing things I love to do and not having to work in a job just to earn money to live.

Today, I am motivated by...
Investigating the role of childhood development in laying the foundations of learning and emotions, and how imbalances in these areas can be changed by movement.

In the future I would like to...
Continue developing my own series of workshops on emotional development and the role retained reflexes play in this. I have already devised one new class module and have many more planned – in my head at least!

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16th August 2012