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Nathan Anderson

Bachelor of Arts (Journalism and History) 1999

Deakin Arts graduate and journalist Nathan Anderson is an all-rounder when it comes to working in the media-since he graduated in 1999 he's worked in both radio and newspapers, including management roles.

Nathan is the chief of staff at the Hamilton Spectator newspaper in the western district of Victoria.

"I worked in radio for a couple of years before moving to Hamilton. I had two stints as a producer with radio station 3AK and worked on the ABC overnight program for about a year which was a great job, but the hours were terrible. I sometimes still hear on the radio my old colleague Trevor Chappell when I get up early to go to work," he said.

"My employment at the moment involves organising journalists and photographers, coming up with story ideas, answering the phone, a little bit of admin work and, of course, some writing."

"I am really doing something I love in a great community with some great colleagues. There is just something about community journalism," he said.

Nathan says his current position as chief of staff is his career highlight to date.

"The highlight would have to be progressing up the chain to be chief of staff within three years of being employed at the Spectator, which I would never have imagined. I spent every day of the first three months I was here wondering if I was going to be sacked, but I guess they must have had other ideas," he said.

According to Nathan, his swift career progression was helped by a course of undergraduate study at Deakin.

"Deakin in Geelong was a great place to study and my degree has helped my career no end. I really enjoyed the history side of things and classes with lecturer Ray Duplain which included showing old movies and other films related to World War I and II. I love history and regularly read history books," he said.

While he has no firm career plans for the future, Nathan hasn't ruled out academia.

"What do I want to do for the future-that is a good question. If you asked me three years ago, I probably would have said I have no idea. I have a number of different ideas running around my head, including returning to study to complete a masters or PhD so I can teach journalism or move into another side of newspapers, such as sub-editing," he said.

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26th November 2009