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Dr Robert Crickett
Graduate Diploma of Social Science (Addiction Studies) 1992
Clergyman Dr Robert Crickett, says he relishes the challenges involved in finding ways to bring the word of God to people around the world.

'My current work is varied and very challenging and involves the management and facilitation of religious meetings, services, retreats, seminars, foreign missions, pilgrimages, personal counselling and prayer for the needy, sick and those interested in spiritual growth through Christ.'

'Over the past eight years my mission has been carried out in places like; Australia, USA , Canada, Mexico, Finland, Norway, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, France, Italy, Turkey, Israel, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and China. I love the challenge of bringing God's word to the diverse range of human needs around the world - one person at a time,' he said.

Dr Crickett said that because of his religious mission, his list of career highlights is 'seemingly endless'.

'Because of the unusual nature of my kind of vocation, I've been fortunate to experience many career highlights including, healing people through prayer, building an orphanage for AIDS -generated orphans in Uganda; bringing food, medicines, bedding and other supplies into gypsy camps in Russia and Lithuania, ministering to people in remote places like the Arctic Circle in Finland, in farm houses in Norway, in out of the way places in the USA, in remote villages in Africa and to Turkish soldiers close to the front line with Iraq and Iran.'

'Probably the greatest personal highlights though, have been the deepening of my love for humanity and appreciation of my wife Mary who has journeyed with me on a few of these missions - all have increased my complete faith in God to bring help in even the most unlikely situations,' he said.

Prior to commencing his religious mission, Dr Crickett completed a Graduate Diploma of Social Science (Addiction Studies) in 1992 at the Melbourne Campus at Burwood and said that Deakin's focus on preparing students for the workforce was a great strength of the course.

'Deakin University focuses on skilling people so that they can meaningfully contribute to today's world. Necessarily, its invitation is to students from a wide variety of cultures who are seeking to engage the leading disciplines so as to make a mark in the world. Equally necessarily, its professors bring relevant crest-of-the-wave experience and expertise with which to stimulate and encourage adventurous minds and hearts. Deakin applies itself to leading the world into well-informed and better options,' he explained.

'With my studies, I very much enjoyed the challenge of the research, the freedom given to postgraduate students to make in-depth explorations and to be creative about more effective and efficient solutions and pathways for existing challenges in the substance abuse field.'

'In every way the course was totally relevant to my employment situation: for example, I very much enjoyed producing and distributing an illustrated information brochure depicting the cycle of development from HIV to full blown AIDS. I still use this information in Africa and other nations even to this day.'

In addition to his pastoral work, Dr Crickett has published many books on a range of how-to spiritual topics and produced various teaching CDs. Amongst all of this he has amazingly found time to also complete a PhD in Religious Studies in the USA along with a Master of Social Work at Latrobe University.

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26th November 2009