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Ruby Ma
Master of Business Administration 2003
Ruby works at Deakin University as a full time lecturer in International Business Management. She is currently completing her PhD at Monash University.
Ruby Ma joined Deakin Business School as a full time Lecturer in International Business Management in 2010. Prior to joining the Business School, she is a qualified Medical Scientist and worked in both public hospital and private medical pathology laboratories. She also has experience working in the Herbal Pharmaceutical industry in the business development & management roles working with both Australian and South East Asian customers.
After working for many years in medical science, Ruby craved for a change and after having a family Ruby commenced a MBA at Deakin University. Returning to study was challenging for various reasons. The obvious one is that she had a young family and she had to pay for tuition herself; and coming from a scientific background she had to completely change her mindset towards the material.
The flexible nature of on campus, off-campus / online studies and intensive residential programs at Deakin Business School was very beneficial. Ruby was able to organise her time around her family and other commitments, set goals and work systematically through the course guide and other study materials. Naturally this took a great deal of discipline.
Ruby graduated from the Deakin MBA program in 2003 and has continued to work in the Deakin Business School since then. Ruby has worked as a sessional Lecturer and Tutor and has taught in both on campus and off campus / online study modes in the MBA program. She has also taught in the Intensive Residential studies. Some of the subjects being: Organisational Behaviour, Organisational Leadership, Management Communications, Change Management and Entrepreneurship. She has also worked as a Research Associate in a Management Research Project on Management Learning & Development Research with the Deakin University Centre for Business Research. Ruby is also an experienced facilitator and consulting Lecturer working with corporate clients in management training and development programs. She has worked with many corporate clients and some of her clients include: Siemens Australia Ltd. & Siemens Thailand Ltd., CGU Insurance and Mildura City Council.
Ruby is currently completing her PhD at Monash University and her PhD is focused on Australian Business Communications & Negotiations and Business Relationships with China. Her research interests include: international management, international business strategies, cross cultural management, the impact of culture on businesses, business communications & negotiations, generational differences, change management and emotions & management. Ruby is also interested in teaching pedagogy, experiential learning and management training & development.
Ruby is a member of a number of professional organisations including the Academy of International Business, the Academy of Management and the Australian & New Zealand Academy of Management.

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11th February 2010