Janelle Boynton

Portrait of Janelle Boynton 

Bachelor of Arts (Architecture) (Honours) 1998 and
Master of Architecture 1999

I chose Deakin because... 
I wanted to study architecture and felt that Deakin gave me the best balance between design, construction and management. I felt that other courses at the time, were more research design-orientated rather than about the practical result.

After leaving uni...I went overseas and studied in America and Italy for my Honours degree and I later returned to complete my Masters at Deakin in 1999. I then went on to work for a building services agency and then SKM based in Melbourne.

I am currently...
Blending between still working in architecture and project management and running my own business - I own and operate Boynton's Feathertop Winery located near Bright in Victoria. I also hold numerous state and federal board positions.

Today, I am motivated by...Organisational cultures.

In my profession it is important...To achieve long term business sustainability. I'm not interested in the quick win. For example, addressing the challenge of business and staffing sustainability is very important.   To be successful in business you can't just aim to hold ground and not grow and just survive. You just can't have a year like that because if you don't manage your risk, you don't survive. You actually now have to inspire everyone to step up to take it to the next level. True sustainability is not just about that weekly income, it's about what that business may look like in five or ten years time.

Professionally, my proudest achievement is...Being able to multiskill. Between everything that can happen in one day, I can always still find the time to hunt down and buy some fairy wings for our next winery event!

I feel a strong connection with...My family,  my region and the teams I work with.

Success to me is...To achieve your goals across many platforms for example emotional, physical and financial. Being able to understand your goals and keep striving towards them and then recognise that you have met them is important. Whether it's running a race or finishing a report or coming in under budget. You know they're all successes - whether it's a daily success or whether it's a lifetime success. But I think it's very important that success is viewed over a number of platforms in life.

The single-most important issue in the world is...Greed and the idea that it's "all about me". We've lost that sense of community in western society. 

The best things I would recommend about Deakin are...
The balance of multi-disciplinary education and Deakin's long standing ability to offer great flexibility in its courses and teaching.

My course helped my career…
As it educated me in a multidisciplinary or 'renaissance' way. That is the ability to be exposed to many different disciplines. It's going back to the old arts degree philosophy, where you are actually educated on a whole number of fronts so you actually understand anthropology, and psychology, and environment, and physics, and structure, and art. With my Architecture course, I did all of those, plus cost planning, plus biology and the list goes on, so the multidisciplinary nature of architecture provided me with so many necessary skills for my later careers.

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