Peter Theodoropoulos

Portrait of Peter Theodoropoulos

Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) 2000

I chose Deakin because... I was really interested in the Bachelor of Commerce course as I was not sure what I wanted to specialise in once leaving High School.  I also grew up in Burwood and feel an affiliation with Deakin Burwood as being part of my neighbourhood.

After leaving uni... I became a Chartered Accountant at Ernst & Young and then went to work in the Investment Banks in London, where I have been for the last 13 years.

At uni I was inspired... By the whole set up of Deakin.  The staff were really helpful and friendly and they motivated me to learn - which led me to complete my Honours.

I am currently...After working the last 13 years in London and Europe I am currently writing a PhD Thesis Proposal Submission on the EU which I plan to undertake at Deakin Burwood next year.

Today, I am motivated by... Using my knowledge and experience to find solutions to the world's economic problems - which is why I want to do a PhD in Economics on the EU.  I never dreamt that I would be so lucky to live and work in Europe for so many years, with people from such diverse backgrounds and different cultures.  I think being from a Greek background and able to speak Italian and Spanish it motivates me even more to work to find solutions to solve the economic problems facing Europe today.

In my profession it is important... To be a leader and set a good example for colleagues and others to follow. 

Professionally, my proudest achievement is... Being seconded from Ernst & Young London to work with a client at Ernst & Young in Athens in 2004.  It was an honour to work in the country of my cultural heritage and even act as an interpreter on a business level with complicated concepts from Greek to English.

Success to me is... 
Setting yourself goals that you wish to achieve, whether professionally or personally and working your way toward those goals.  I believe the goals you set yourself define who you are as a person.

In the future I would like to... Complete my PhD In Economics at Deakin and work to fix the economic problems that the EU currently faces.  I also wish to use my economic expertise and knowledge to lead Greece and the Greek people to a path of prosperity and success.   

The single-most important issue in the world is...
The amount of global unrest along with wars and poverty.

The best things I would recommend about Deakin are…
The down to earth and kind nature of the Deakin Academic Staff.  Deakin is an experience that changed my life, gave me an opportunity to reach for the sky.  Deakin has evolved incredibly since I graduated in 1998 and it is no surprise to me how different and how much Deakin Burwood has spectacularly progressed over this time.  

My course helped my career…

Deakin has an outstanding worldwide reputation and gave me the knowledge and skills to help me achieve my career goals and work with some great companies including; Ernst & Young, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, UBS and Royal Bank of Scotland. Deakin really prepared me well for life after study.

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