Postgraduate Course Fees Bursary

Deakin alumni members and their spouses and children are eligible to receive a 10 per cent reduction per unit on their enrolment fees on any postgraduate award course at Deakin University.

This bursary is only available to applicants commencing a postgraduate award course during the academic years 2015 and 2016 inclusive. The bursary will subsequently be applied for the life of the degree. 

For postgraduate course guides, please see here

Normal Deakin postgraduate admission requirements apply. Please read our full terms and conditions below before applying.

Please note the postgraduate course fees bursary will not be offered after Trimester 3, 2016.

Terms and Conditions of Bursary


To be eligible for this Bursary applicants must be:

  • a registered Deakin alumni member OR
  • the spouse of a registered Deakin alumni member OR
  • a child of a registered Deakin alumni member. 
  • be a commencing student, as defined in the specifications for Deakin's student collection statistics AND
  • be commencing a new postgraduate award course (either full-time or part-time and on-campus or off-campus study mode) 


  • The bursary is not available to current Deakin University staff members (unless a graduate of Deakin also).
  • The bursary is not available to students using any other scholarship, bursary or discount at Deakin University.
  • The bursary will not apply retrospectively or to any studies currently being undertaken by the applicant. 
  • The bursary is non-transferrable to any other Deakin degree or institution.
  • The bursary is not available to students undertaking Honours studies.

Application Process

Bursary applicants must submit an online application form by close of business on the published University census dates. 

The 2015 and 2016 census dates are:

Trimester 1  31 March
Trimester 2  15 August
Trimester 3  15 December

Spouses and children of alumni members

When applying for a Deakin Alumni Postgraduate Course Fee Bursary as a spouse or child of a Deakin alumni member, applicants must submit a statutory declaration stating they are a child or spouse of a Deakin alumni member. This statutory declaration must include the full name of the spouse or child and the full name and alumni membership number of the related Deakin alumni member.

Withdrawal of Bursary

The Deakin Alumni Postgraduate Course Fee Bursary will be withdrawn immediately if:

  • The recipient has been found to have supplied incorrect or misleading information during the application process or in their statutory declaration (if applicable).
  • The alumni (or related alumni) recipient ceases to remain a registered Deakin alumni member at any time over the duration of their enrolment period subject to the discount, and/or the discount enrolment period of their child or spouse.
  • The recipient transfers to another degree.
  • The recipient subsequent to enrolling, receives any other scholarship, bursary or discount at Deakin University.

Apply online

To avoid processing delays, please ensure you fill out all required sections of the application form:

Deakin Alumni Postgraduate Course Fee Bursary online application form.

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