Welcome to the School of Architecture and Built Environment

The School of Architecture and Built Environment operates at the intersection of art, design, technology and environmental science. Through teaching and learning frameworks, we develop creative and professional expertise to create innovative and sustainable environments.

The School of Architecture and Built Environment had its genesis in the Gordon Institute of Technology in 1887 and has been part of Deakin University since 1977.

Over one thousand students now enrol in the School's courses. Students study at our Waterfront (Geelong) campus as well as via the cloud (online). They are supported by 40 full time and sessional staff plus part time staff in practice.

Our courses are well designed and the units fully integrated, taking advantage of the opportunity for students of architecture and construction management to work together in many disciplines. This is particularly so in the combined degree. A keen understanding of each others' areas of endeavour is fundamental to excellent professional working relationships in future practice.

Our courses are examined regularly by key professional groups (i.e. RAIA, RICS, AACA, ARBV, AIB, AIQS, CIOB, BCV) and the University itself.

Deakin University School of Architecture and Built Environment students are knowledgeable, skilled and great team players and are therefore highly sought after.

We are a leading Bentley Systems software user. Our teaching is first class with many prize-winning and innovative lecturers who have developed teaching models specific to architecture and construction management learning, including e-learning support through Deakin Studies Online, experiential teaching strategies and a collaborative problem solving.

The School's considerable research activity has been recognised by peer review with the award of ARC and OLT grants for projects in various fields. The number of refereed publications produced in the School is also high.

The School is one of four in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment and enjoys a single campus location. We are located in a beautiful, award-winning building with the highest standard of facilities, including computer laboratories and software, Virtual Laboratory, Rapid Prototyping Lab, Building Performance Lab, well equipped workshop and large modern studio. The School is well served by the library located in the same building. Staff are friendly and helpful and students enjoy direct access to staff and all facilities.

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