A+BOUT is the School of Architecture and Built Environment's annual student publication; it's designed, produced and edited entirely by students. Featuring the very best student work, A+BOUT includes articles that detail the school's activities and what our students have been working on throughout the year.

A+BOUT 2015

The 2015 A+BOUT focuses on drawings; plans, elevations, sections and axonometrics. The use of trace and the four-way binding mechanism allows for the drawings to be overlaid, encouraging the reader to compare projects.

The use of the paper booklet allows projects to be hidden so that the selected drawing can be examined in isolation or viewed within the context of other projects produced at the school. This focus on transparency is in reference to the recent refurbishment of the school, designed by Kerstin Thompson Architects.

The code listed adjacent to the project indicates the porosity of the drawing and creates a link between the physical publication and the digital archive.

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