Building environment

Our research focuses on areas within the building environment. These include energy use and benchmarking, indoor and outdoor thermal performance, occupant behaviour and comfort, passive design and climate change. Through our research we aim to make a difference to how buildings are designed and constructed, resulting in positive environmental change.

Key research areas

We focus on:

  • building simulation
  • thermal performance of outdoor spaces
  • occupant behaviour in buildings
  • climate and change
  • thermal, visual and acoustic comfort
  • energy benchmarking and labelling
  • qualitative aspects of sustainability in architecture

Our team

Associated staff

Student members

  • Gregory Pitts
  • Mehran Oraee Namzadi
  • Tarek Mohamed Farouk
  • Abdelaal Ahmed
  • Jean Jonathan Duverge
  • Elmira Jamei

Contact us

Group Coordinator
Dr Priya Rajagopalan
+61 3 5227 8391
Email Dr Rajagopalan