Urbanism and design

Our research focuses on creating more sustainable urban and regional environments through strategic initiatives that address challenges we face. It also looks at the challenges we expect to encounter in the future, such as the regeneration of our urban and regional centres, as well as creating more healthy and liveable places.

Key research areas

We specifically focus on the need for a more sustainable physical urban and regional environment. We consider issues relating to economic growth, community resilience, energy, water, food and waste, connectivity and the provision of infrastructure. 

Key areas include:

  • urban design
  • urban planning
  • regional planning.

Our team

Associated staff

Student members

  • Gregoria Todaro
  • Joshua Zeunert
  • Suriati Ahmed
  • Liyana Mohamed Yusof
  • Ni Made Yudantini
  • Phillip Barend Roos
  • Ross James Wissing
  • Dennis Neale Williamson
  • Huda Khaleefa Alsalmi
  • Anthony Stephen Butz
  • Dina El Kordy
  • Yolanda Esteban
  • John Murray Herron
  • Suzette Jackson
  • Helen Roper Meikle

Contact us

Group Coordinator
Yolanda Esteban
+61 3 5227 8328
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