Large format printing

Information for current School of Architecture and Built Environment students to submit prints to the OCE large format printer


Two different paper stocks are available. 90 GSM bond and 160 GSM high quality matte.

There are two tiers of pricing, line drawing and poster, based on the amount of toner laid.
Printing staff will make the determination as to whether your print is a line drawing or a poster.

Media TypeA2 sizeA1 sizeA0 size
Line drawing 90 GSM$2$3$4
Poster 90 GSM$5$10$17
Poster 160 GSMN/A$13$25

Printing Times

The Tech Services open hours are 10am-12pm and 1:30pm-3pm weekdays. Prints can be submitted via this webpage at any time.

Jobs submitted after 4pm will be available for pickup the following weekday.

The printing queue will be checked ~ every 30 minutes and completed jobs will be brought over to the student hub soon after.

Prints are normally available for pickup within an hour.

Get started

1. Printing preparation

What you can upload

You can only upload PDF files to the printers.

The printers can print to the following paper sizes: A2, A1, A0

Verify the print size

Open the document in Adobe PDF reader and verify the physical print size of the document:

  1. In the File menu, select "document properties" or "properties"
  2. In the lower left area of the opened window, you will see "page size". The units next to this represent the paper size.
  3. Confirm the paper size using the table below:
Paper formatSize (mm)
A4210 x 297
A3297 x 420
A2420 x 594
A1594 x 841
A0841 x 1189

2. Submit for printing

You can upload your documents for printing by visiting the OCE large format printer system

Follow the steps below:

  1. Select "Create new job" from the "Publisher Express" section
  2. Type your first and last name into the "Job owner" box in the right hand workflow pane
  3. Click on "Add file" and then click on "Choose file" - select the PDF file you wish to submit
  4. Click on "OK". Your PDF will be added to the document list
  5. If you wish to submit multiple documents, follow steps 3-4 again

It is recommended that if you want more than one (1) copy of an individual file, that you upload the document as many times as you need. For example, if you would like one particular document printed 3 times, upload the same document 3 times using the process above.

If your documents are A1 or larger and you would like to print on the 160gsm Matte paper, select "LFM098 Top Color 160" in the "Media" drop down list in the left-hand pan

When you have uploaded all of the required documents that you wish to print, select "OK" at the bottom of the left hand pane.

Large PDF documents will take time to upload and you will notice the "Submitting job" progress bar.

If you have any issues, please contact us.

Once uploaded, please follow and complete step 3: Notification and Collection.

3. Notification and Collection

Once you have used the system to upload your prints, you will need to notify us of your submission.

This is to ensure we are able to contact you if there are any problems with what you have submitted and to register the prints for you to pay and collect.

You must complete the notification form otherwise your prints will not be printed.

Where to collect and pay for your print

After receiving an email stating that your print is ready for pickup, you can collect your print at the Student Hub. Payment options at the Student Hub are Deakin Card and EFTPOS. The Student Hub does not accept cash.

Contact and support

If you experience any problems with print submissions or have a question, please contact a+b printing support

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