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Community development and ecology: Engaging ecological sustainability through community development

- an international Eco Community conference

Melbourne: 26 - 28 March 2008

The Centre, in conjunction with Borderlands Cooperative and the International Association of Community Development (IACD - local networks), hosted its third Community Development Conference in March 2008. In keeping with previous community development conferences, there were two streams to the conference, academic papers and community workshops and forums.

Conference proceedings

Conference proceedings are available from the Centre offices.

View abstracts of papers presented.


  • Community Development and Housing: cooperative, rural and metropolitan, community activism for energy efficiency, community gardens.
  • Community Development and Urban Renewal: changing/greening cities, restoring neighbourliness, green transport.
  • Community Development and Food Sovereignty/Relocalisation: food and resource production (carbon neutral communities/restoring local/cooperative activities and local economies and water issues).
  • Community Development and Rural/Regional Issues: carbon offset actions/reafforestation, bioregional action, green corridors, forest action, land care, water action, critiques and efficiency.
  • Community Development and Globalisation: developing countries and climate change issues; rapidly developing economies, energy demands and the impact of climate change upon the poorest countries; climate change refugees, water issues, fair (and green) trade issues.
  • Community Development: Responding to disasters: effective community development responses to natural and sociopolitical disaster. Ensuring sustainable international aid programs. What can community development offer?
  • Community Development and Building Social Movements: networking across differences, making local/global links e.g. zero emissions, aid development and carbon emissions, emerging climate change action groups

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