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The 150 years' crisis: Revisiting territorial separatism in world politics
Thursday 24 November and Friday 25 November 2011, Deakin University Melbourne City Centre, Level 3, 550 Bourke Street, Melbourne.
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Book launch - The Cage: The Fight for Sri Lanka and the Last Days of the Tamil Tigers
On Thursday 9th June, 2011, the Centre for Citizenship, Development and Human Right at Deakin University, hosted the launch of Gordon Weiss’s recently published book The Cage: the fight for Sri Lanka and the last days of the Tamil Tigers, at Deakin’s Melbourne City Centre. The highly successful launch was attended by roughly 80 people including a small number of national political figures.


Inaugural Deakin Religion and Development  Roundtable
The inaugural Deakin Religion and Development Roundtable was in December 2010 at the Deakin Burwood campus. The Deakin Religion and Development Roundtable is a forum in which development practitioners, ordained religious, lay religious, and academics come together to discuss pertinent issues relevant to the intersection of religion and development.

World in Crisis – business as usual?  
The School of International and Political Studies at Deakin University hosted a series of Public Lectures and Workshops over three days in November. This international event was concerned with discussions of issues around the theme of World in Crisis – business as usual? It involved panel workshops and three internationally acclaimed keynote speakers:
Professor Bob Jessop, Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Founding Director of the Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of Lancaster.
Professor John Mueller, Woodrow Hayes Chair of National Security Studies, Mershon Center and Professor of Political Science at Ohio State University.
Ms Malalai Joya, the youngest woman ever elected to the Afghanistan Parliament, invited the audience to consider the question:  “Afghanistan 2010: Winners or losers?”

Re-Conceptualising Development Workshop
The Development and Human Rights Cluster Group, Deakin University, held a workshop in October 2010 entitled ‘Reconceptualising Development’, to address these issues and to think about new ways forward for aid and development. The workshop was attended by 35 invited guests from the academy and organizations concerned with the delivery of aid, who spent a day of active engagement wrestling with issues that have defied adequate resolution for the past 60 years.

Speakers to the workshop included Oxfam Australia’s Chris Roche, Australian Volunteer International’s Dimity Fifer, the head of ChildFund Australia, Mark McPeak, Paul Ronald’s from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Jackie Mansourian from the Society for International Development (SID) and Professor John McKay from Analysis International and who is also chair of the Australian branch of SID. From the universities were Deakin’s Associate Professor Rohan Bastin, Professor Damien Kingsbury and Professor Sue Kennny. Dr Craig Thorburn from Monash and VU’s Dr Helen Hill.

Climate Change
On 13th April, Dr Philip Lawn addressed a public forum held at Deakin University's Burwood campus. Dr Lawn, who is a leading ecological economist in Australia from Flinders University, Adelaide presented an alternative economic model which incorporates recognition of the social costs of global warming being incorporated into a society’s measure of overall economic welfare and the nation’s gross domestic product and that many economic opportunities arise in meeting the challenge to overcome the social costs involved. The model illustrated the delicate balance that future governments (and the community) will be required to undertake when increasing the overall level of economic production (and income) as measured against the marginal benefit of any improvement, all within the confines of a finite ecologically sustainable global community.


Deliberative Democracy in Local Government – Community Engagement Practices
Democracy on the menu at breakfast – a thought-provoking start at a breakfast held at Deakin's Lakehouse on 28 October, co-hosted by CCDHR, and part of the University’s Deakin Week, to discuss the decision-making processes of local government, hosted by Dr Phil Connors who spoke about: 'Basically, deliberative democracy is about engaging people in the decision making processes of local government.'
Dr Andrew Vandenberg also spoke at the breakfast and set the scene by discussing different understandings of democracy and how they have come about.

Afghanistan 2009: Escalating violence, under-development and women striving for change.
The Centre for Citizenship Development and Human Rights, along with The City of Port Phillip co hosted a public Forum at the St Kilda Town Hall on June 3rd. The guest speaker from Afghanistan SHAZIA spoke on the escalating violence, under development and women striving for change in Afghanistan. Rebecca Barber from World Vision Australia spoke on education in Afghanistan - the lack of it, and some of the challenges facing increasing access to education, particularly for women. See comments from the Chair of the public forum.


60 Years On: Claiming Human Rights. 
Deakin University and RMIT University held a one day symposium on 3rd December in Melbourne.  
Guest Speakers: Dr Di Sisely, RMIT; Professor Sue Kenny, Deakin University; Dr Russell Solomon, RMIT; Professor Le Ann Basser, La Trobe University; Professor Stan van Hooft, Deakin University; Assoc Professor Damien Kingsbury, Deakin University; Dr Ismet Fanany, Deakin University.


CCHR Workshop (in conjunction with the International Advisory Board Seminars)
Guest speakers:
Professor Bryan Turner, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore
The Contradictions between Citizenship and Human Rights
Professor Gerard Delanty, University of Liverpool, UK
European Citizenship - a critical assessment

Challenges to capacity building and community development in Aceh, Workshop
Guest speakers: Azwar Hasan – Forum Bangun Aceh (FBA), Professor Sue Kenny (Deakin University)
LOGICA (Local Governance and Infrastructure for Communities in Aceh) senior management members:
Jeff Herbert, Gunawan Wibisana, Lalu Suhayatman, Mohammad Najib


Human Rights and Development Workshop
Guest speakers: Professor Sue Kenny, Assoc Professor Joe Remenyi, Chris Piper, Phil Connors, Dr Max Kelly, Dr Damien Kingsbury, Dr Lynne Alice, Deakin University.


Indonesia and Australia: Growing Together (a limited group symposium)
Guest Speakers: Salim Said, University of Indonesia; Fajrul Falaakh, Gadjah Mada University; Yuli Ismartono, Editor Tempo magazine; Noke Kiroyan, Rio Tinto Indonesia; Sastrohandoyo Wiryono, Former Indonesian Ambassador to Australia.

ICG Public Seminar Series
Islam, Modernity and the Discourse of Human Rights
Keynote speaker: Professor Fethi Mansouri, Deakin University.
Islam, Liberal Democracy and Civil Society
Keynote speaker: Professor Greg Barton, Deakin University.
The Promises of the Third Sector
Keynote speakers: Professor Sue Kenny, Deakin University; Professor Mark Lyons, University of Technology, Sydney.

Wilderness Voices: Spiritual Responses to Fear and Mistrust
An evening with the former President of Indonesia Abdurrahman Wahid and Age cartoonist Michael Leunig.


The Impact of Globalisation on the Third Sector: Is Australia an Exception? Seminar
Keynote speakers: Professor Mark Lyons, University of Technology, Sydney
Dr Sue Kenny, Deakin University.

War and Arab Australian Communities Public Forum
Keynote speakers: Dr Fethi Mansouri, Deakin University; Joumanah El-Matrah, The Islamic Women Welfare Council of Victoria; Di Sisely Equal Opportunity Commission; Yasser Soliman Islamic Council of Victoria; George Kekakis Victorian Multicultural Commission; Khairy Majeed Victorian Arabic Social Services.

Gender, Politics & Islamic Fundamentalism Public Lecture & response
Keynote speaker: Professor Faried Esack, South African Islamic Intellectual.

Islam’s Democratic Century: Globalization, Fundamentalism & the Nation State Seminar-Workshop
Keynote speaker: Professor Bryan Turner, Cambridge University.

Globalisation and Democratisation in the Muslim World: Will this be Islam’s Democratic Century? Public Lecture
Keynote speaker: Professor Bryan Turner, Cambridge University.


CCHR co-sponsored with Melbourne University Seminar
Key speakers: Abdurraham Wahid, ex Indonesian President, Wimar Witoelar, Broadcaster and former spokesperson, President of Republic of Indonesia; Dr Greg Barton, Deakin University.

Refugee Policy in Australia: A Human Rights Perspective Seminar
Keynote speaker: Professor Chris Sidoti, University of Western Sydney.

Indonesia’s Difficult Transition to Democracy Seminar
Keynote speakers: Professor Wimar Witoelar, Former spokesperson for President Abdurrahman Wahid, Dr Damien Kingsbury and Dr Greg Barton, Deakin University.

Convergence in Reform? A Comparison of Homelessness Policies in Ireland and Victoria Seminar
Keynote speaker: Dr Deirdre O’Neill, Monash University.

The Middle East Peace Process - A Palestinian Perspective Seminar
Keynote speaker: Mustafa Barghouthi, Palestinian Civil Society Leader.

Human Rights in Russia Today Forum
Keynote speaker: Leonid Ananyevich Reznichenko, Research Centre on Human Potential and Process and the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Sociology.

The Bali Bombing in Perspective Forum
Keynote speakers: Dr Greg Barton; Mr Scott Burchill; Dr Damien Kingsbury; Dr Jude McCulloch, Deakin University.

From Australian Capitalism to Global Capitalism Symposium
Keynote speakers: Douglas Kirsner, Humphrey McQueen, John Hooker, Kelvin Rowley, Helen Hill, Dough White, Peter Beilharz, Boris Frankel, Sue Kenny.Human Potential and Process and the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Sociology.


Charitable Foundations Governance & Accountability Seminar
Keynote speaker: Dr Diana Leat, Visiting Professor, London.

The Future of Israel/Palestine: A Jewish Perspective Seminar
Keynote speaker: Professor Marc Ellis, Baylor University, Waco, Texas.

Social Capital, Poverty and Policy Seminar
Keynote speaker: Michael Woolcock, social scientist with the Development Research Group at the World Bank.

Aged Care in Cultural Diversity Seminar
Keynote speaker: Dr Yuko Ohara- HIRANO, Japan


Immigration, Labour Market Solidarity and Protection of the Welfare State Seminar
Key note speaker: Prof. D. Abraham, from Miami University

Citizenship and Trust Symposium
Key speakers: Professor David Abraham, visiting professor from University of Miami,
Professor Claus Offe, visiting Professor, Humboldt University, Berlin,
Dr. Sue Kenny, Deakin University.

Crisis Trust and Civil Society in Russia Seminar
Key speakers: Alexey Korotaev, Program Director, Civil Society Program, Open Society Institute, Moscow; Leonid Reznichenko, Academy of Sciences, Institute for Employment Studies and Compiling Editor, Russian Bulletin on Human Rights.

Democracy and Citizenship Seminar
Keynote speakers: Professor Bryan Turner, Deakin University;
Professor Barry Hindess, Research School of Social Sciences, ANU;
Professor Anna Yeatman, Sociology, Macquarie University.
Human Rights Expo, Public Seminar


Human Rights Violations in East Timor Seminar
Keynote speaker: Jose Ramos-Horta (joint winner of the 1996 Nobel Peace Prize)

Should Australia Become a Republic Public Forum
Key speakers: Gordon Scholes, former Speaker for the Whitlam Government,
Andrew Vandenberg, Deakin University, Stewart McArthur, MHR for Corangamite,
Gavan O’Connor, MHR.

Rights and Citizenship in the Geelong Community Symposium

Desperately Seeking Asylum Seminar
Key speakers: The Minister for Immigration, Phillip Ruddock,
Democrat Senator for Victoria, Lyn Allison
Shadow Minister for Immigration, Martin Ferguson
Senior Assistant Commonwealth Ombudsman, Andrew Herrington,
Federal Human Rights Commissioner, Chris Sidoti
Senior Lecturer in Law from Monash University, Susan Kneebone.

Tutsi High Jumping in Imperial Representation and Interpretation Seminar
Keynote speaker: Professor John Bale, University of Keele


Victorian Council of Civil Liberties Seminar
Key note speaker: Joseph O’Reilly, Executive Director, Victorian Council of Civil Liberties.

Community Participation Today Forum
Keynote speaker: Anna Vrantsis, the Multicultural Arts Officer for the Geelong region.

The Future of Civil Society in Australia Forum
Keynote speaker: Dr Ken Coghill, Monash Graduate School of Government.

Australian Aid in East Africa Forum
Keynote speaker: Gavin O’Connor, MHR for Corio and Secretary of the
Parliamentary Branch of Amnesty

1996/97 Federal Budget Analysis Forum
Keynote speaker: David Cadby

Politics of Democracy and Citizenship Workshop


Democracy and Markets in the New World Order Seminar
Keynote speaker: Professor Noam Chomsky

Citizenship and Transgression Symposium
Key speakers: Professor Bryan Turner, Deakin University;
Professor Andrew Linklater, Keele University.

Organising Identity: Entrepreneurial Governance and Public Management Symposium
Keynote speaker: Dr Paul du Guy, Visiting Fellow, Open University, UK.

Competing Models of Globalisation in the Social Sciences Symposium
Keynote speaker: Dr Leslie Sklair, Visiting fellow, Griffith University.

Playing with Difference, Playing with Fire Symposium
Key speakers: Professor Alistair Davidson, Monash University.
Dr Imtiaz Omar, Deakin University.
Dr Mona Abazza, Free University of Berline, Germany.

World Summit on Social Development - What significance for Australia? Symposium
Key speakers: Professor Julian Disney, Australian Nation University, Canberra; Michael Salvaris, Swinburne University of Technology.


Human Rights and Human Responsibilities Seminar
Keynote speaker: Chandra Muzzaffar, founder and president of Malaysia’s leading social advocacy organisation Aliran.


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