Faculty of Arts and Education

Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation


Asian Cultures and Politics Research


The Asian cultures and politics (ACP) thematic group seeks to answer the following questions:

  • what is understood by the term ‘Asia-literacy’?
  • how is the ‘Asian Century’ imagined and represented in the West?
  • is it possible for one country to ‘know’ another and what does this knowing entail?
  • what motivates states in the Asia-Pacific to pursue regionalism?
  • how do regional bodies differ in prospective memberships: are they inclusive or exclusive?
  • have proposals for regionalism proven to be mutually compatible?
  • how have contested concepts of regionalism played constructive roles in guiding directions, providing visions and setting principles in organising and creating a regional community?
  • how effective have regional bodies been at preventing conflict among member states?
  • how effective have they been at preventing conflict between great powers?
  • is there an emergent hybrid regionalism in Asia-Pacific?

The ACP group is well placed to analyse Asian cultures and politics in a variety of innovative ways. This group has analysed some of the key themes in regionalism, such as its varieties (economic, political, security), the perspectives of different classes of states (great powers, middle powers, smaller powers), and comparative regionalisms (Asia versus Europe). This research offers great potential to increase links between Deakin scholars and their counterparts overseas.




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26th March 2013