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In our globalised world of increasing racial, ethnic and religious diversity, racism is an enduring phenomenon with a range of pernicious consequences for individuals, communities and societies. Anti-racism encompasses theory and praxis aimed at addressing racism, counteracting its detrimental effects or envisaging its alternatives

The conference will bring together scholars who study anti-racism, intercultural or race relations across a diverse range of disciplines and geographical regions. Participants will debate epistemologies, theories, policies, practices and aporias pertaining to anti-racism as a global phenomenon. Papers will address one of the following multidisciplinary themes:

1. Individual and institutional anti-racism
This theme incorporates scholarship seeking to understand and address internalised, interpersonal and institutional racism via a focus on prejudice reduction, countering stereotypes and reducing discriminatory behavior among individuals as well as race-related organisational diversity, inclusion and equality.

2. Anti-racist collective action and social change
Aimed at addressing inequitable power relations, cultural racism and/or realising racial justice, this theme includes anti-racism ranging from small-scale bystander action to state-based social marketing to worldwide popular movements.

3. Conflict resolution and intercultural understanding
This theme focuses on recognition, acknowledgement and understanding of cultural difference as key to anti-racism beyond 'harmony' in which conflict and dissent are central to viable, sustainable and legitimate race relations.

4. Alter-racist citizenship and cosmopolitanism
Shunning an 'anti-' stance, this theme considers alternatives that are converse rather than inverse to racism. Ranging from post-raciality to ethical humanism to embodied vulnerability, these approaches strive to transcend binary dualisms, dissolve ossified distinctions and transform rather than equalise power relations



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5th December 2013