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Conferences 2008

Missions: Harbingers of Modernity Conference

17 November 2008
Deakin University

Conference Abstract

The Mission History cluster, with ERG funding, hosted a one day conference at Deakin University on Monday 17 November. External participants were Dr Margaret Allen, University of SA and Professor Norman Etherington from University of Western Australia, Dr Joanna Cruikshank currently University of Melbourne but soon to be Deakin University staff and a new member of the Deakin Missions cluster who also represented professor Patricia Grimshaw in presenting a joint paper, Dr Elizabeth Dimock of La Trobe University. Dr Jane Hagis, Flinders University was regrettably forced to withdraw because of ill health. External participants joined Associate Professor Renate Howe, Dr Sarah Paddle, Dr Helen Gardner and Dr Joost Coté in sharing our varied research interests in this field. Papers presented demonstrated the diverse range of current research in the area and the growing interest in the role of mission and religion in the construction of modernity. It is anticipated that these presentations will form the core of a projected publication as well as the basis of further conferences and possible research collaboration.

Second Biennial Conference of the International Global Ethics Association

26-28 June 2008
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Conference Website

Conference Theme
“ Questioning Cosmopolitanism”

Today we live in a globalised world with consequent pressures on international relations and diplomacy. Every individual in advanced industrial societies is not only a citizen of their state but, in a sense, also of the world. Accordingly, our ethical responsibilities extend beyond borders in a way that was seldom considered by writers in the classical Western tradition of ethics. Today we all have a part to play in addressing problems of global governance, management of the environment, maintenance of peace, equitable global distribution of social goods and resources, humanitarian assistance, intercultural tolerance and understanding, and the protection of human dignity around the world.

Cosmopolitanism is the view that the moral standing of all people around the globe is equal. Individuals should not give moral preference to their compatriots, their co-religionists, fellow members of their demographic identity groups, their generational groups, or their genders. Is this an adequate basis for Global Ethics?

Community Development and Ecology: Engaging ecological sustainability through community development -an international eco community conference

26-28 March 2008
Malbourne, Australia

Conference Website

Centre for Citizenship and Human Rights in conjunction with Borderlands Cooperative and the International Association of Community Development (IACD - local networks), is hosting its third Community Development Conference.

At a time when there is a growing concern about changing environmental conditions and the effect on communities, a conference of this nature is timely. Community Development can provide alternate pathways through new theoretical paradigms and creative responses about how we view our place on this fragile planet.
By critiqueing the government and mainstream inaction/denial we can lead the way towards solutions for
preventing global warming.

Youth Identity and Migration: Culture, Values and Social Connectedness Symposium

21-22 February 2008
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Jointly hosted by: Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation (ICG) and the Centre of Multicultural Youth Issues (CMYI)
Supported by: the Australian Research Alliance for children and Youth (ARACY) ARC/NHMRC Research Network Program.

Symposium Website

The key objective of this symposium is to explore youth identity and well-being among young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds. The aim is to build knowledge and identify effective strategies to support this disadvantaged and marginalised group of young people create social capital and a sense of belonging.

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