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Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation


Islam, Human Security, and Xenophobia
- An International Conference -

Biographies and Abstracts

All the abstracts of the conference presentations are in alphabetical order.


Jeni Allenby
Denying Culture: Post 9/11 Public Access Limitation of Muslim Cultural / Educational Discourse (poster presentation)

Lynne Alice
No Respect: Forging democracy in Bosnia and Kosovo(pdf-58kb)

Greg Barton
Progressive Islamic thought and civil society activism in Indonesia and Turkey (pdf-61kb)

Howard Brasted
A New World Disorder?(pdf-73kb)

Arief Budiman
Radical Islam in Indonesia(pdf-64kb)

Yvonne Cauchi
Muslim Identity in the Australian News- Negotiating a Muslim Identity (poster presentation)

Damien Cheong
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s Attempt to Remain Relevant in Palestinian Politics (poster presentation)

Kylie Connor
Al-Muhajiroun’s ‘covenant of security’ and its implications for Islamism in the West(pdf-62kb)    

Greg Fealy
Hizbut Tahrir in Indonesia(pdf-61kb)

Riaz Hassan
Attitudes towards Jihad and Conflict Resolution in Muslim Countries(pdf-58kb)

Julia Howell 
‘Sufi’ Spiritualities Amidst the Global Challenges of ‘Jihad’ and ‘McWorld’: Reflections on Indonesian Cases(pdf-74kb)

Michael Humphrey
From Diaspora Islam to Globalised Islam: Changing Islamic religiosity and identity in the West(pdf-65kb)

Houri Jahansharad
The role of Islamic Feminism in Improving Women’s Status in Post-Revolutionary Iran (poster presentation)

Sue Kenny   
Risk society and the Islamic 'other'(pdf-57kb)

Damien Kingsbury   
 Islam and political secularism: their convergence in an independence struggle(pdf57kb)

Pete Lentini
‘Rogue Reverts’? Muslim Converts, Moral Panic and Australian Citizenship(pdf-61kb)

William Maley   
Human Rights and Human Security in Afghanistan(pdf-55kb)

Zaniah Marshallsay
Islam, Islamism and global terrorism: contesting the fundamentals(pdf-66kb) 

Cameron McAuliffe
Second Generations: A Visual Ethnography from the ‘Iranian Diaspora’(poster presentation)

Jude McCulloch
Human Security, Xenophobia and suppression of financing of terrorism measures(pdf-57kb)

Ben McQueen
Islamism in Algeria and America’s Global Campaign(pdf-73kb)

Kirill Nourzhanov 
'Coloured Revolutions' as Elite Transformations: the Case of Central Asia(pdf-69kb)

James Piscatori 
Imagining Pan-Islam: Religious Activism and Political Utopias(pdf-66kb)

Abdullah Saeed 
Citizenship in the West and 'being Muslim': Western Muslim Responses(pdf-59kb)

Amin Saikal 
Islam, the West and Terrorism: Myth and Reality(pdf-67kb)

Jamal Sankari
 Contemporary Radical Islamism: The case of the Islamic Liberation Party(pdf-76kb)

Ahmed Shboul  
Islam in the Modern World: Paradoxes and Ironies(pdf-59kb)

Bassam Tibi 
Security Dialogue, Islamophobia and Anti-Westernism in the Search for Cross-Cultural Morality(pdf-101kb)

Bryan Turner 
New Wars, Old Religions, Soft States: the macro environment of security and citizenship(pdf-79kb)

Andrew Vincent
Human Security or Xenophobia: A hidden agenda behind the War Against Terrorism?(pdf-59kb)

David Walker  
Survivalist Anxiety: Australia, Asia and the Middle East(pdf-59kb)

Samina Yasmeen
Women as Participants in Jihad(pdf-55kb)



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9th April 2010