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Seminars 2007

'Globalization and Culture: Chinese Literary and Cultural Strategy'

Speaker: Professor Wang Ning, Tsinghua University, China
Abstract available (67kb)

'What is Chinese about Chinese Business? Implications for American Response to the Rise of China'

Speaker: Dr Chengxin Pan, Faculty of Arts, Deakin University
Hosted by: School of International and Political Studies

'Cosmopolitanism and the Limits of International Law'

Speaker:  Dr. John R Morss, School of Law, Deakin University
Abstract available (70kb)

'Australian Foreign Policy Frameworks and CSI: Beyond Post Mortems'

Speaker: Professor Gary Smith
Hosted by: The School of International and Political Studies and supported by the ICG

'Asphalt, Stones and Water: The collision of modernity with sense of place'

Speaker:  A/ Prof. Andrea Witcomb, Citizenship and Globalisation ICG

'Islam, Transnationalism and Globalisation'

Speaker: Prof. James Piscatori, Oxford University

"Does 'Canadian' Mean the Same Thing in 1971 and 2006? Neither Does 'Multiculturalism' "

Speaker:  A/ Prof. Laura Moss, the University of British Columbia
Abstract available (87kb)

'The coming crisis in the NGO sector? '

Speaker:  Prof. Sue Kenny, Citizenship and Globalisation ICG

'Revealing the Hidden City: Heritage interpretation, tourism and development in Viengxai, Laos'

Speakers: Dr Colin Long, Deputy Director, Cultural Heritage Centre for Asia and the Pacific
                Jonathan Sweet, Lecturer, Deakin University Cultural Heritage & Museum Studies

'My Life in Freedom: the meaning of freedom and autonomy for people with drug addictions'

Speaker:  Dr. Grazyna Zajdow, Faculty of Arts, Deakin University
Abstract available (40kb)

'The evolution of Taiwan’s Aboriginal art heritage in the post 1987 era'

Speaker: Hui-chi Huang, PhD Candidate, Deakin University, Faculty of Arts

'Subsistence Rights and Moral Realism'

Speaker: A/Prof. Stan van Hooft , Faculty of Arts, Deakin University
Abstract available (41kb)

'State Failure and Intervention in the Arc of Instability: A Case Study of Australian State-building in the Solomon Islands'

Speaker: Dr. Julien Barbara, Citizenship and Globalisation ICG
Abstract available (40kb)

'Transnational Feminism, Gender Equality and the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325: A Study from Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina'

Speaker: Dr. Lynne Alice, International Relations, Deakin University
Abstract available (42kb)

'Memory and Heritage - The Shimoni Slave Caves in Southern Kenya'

Speaker: Herman Ogoti Kiriama, PhD Candidate, Deakin University, Faculty of Arts

'Journalist from Western Sahara tells his story'

Speaker: Mr. Malainin Lakhal, Saharawi journalist
Jointly organised by Australia Western Sahara Association

'Over the Border and Under the Radar: Providing Health Programs to Burmese Migrants in Thailand - A Case Study of one NGO'

Speaker: Dr. Matthew Clarke
Abstract available (44kb)

'What are the Millennium Development Goals and will they be achieved?'

Speaker: Dr. Matthew Clarke
Abstract available (44kb)

Contentious Politics of Unions, Social Movements, and Democratisation

Speaker: Dr. Andrew Vandenberg
Abstract available (43kb)


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