In 2005, CCG hosted a seminar series exploring issues such as migration and intercultural relations; international relations; Asia-Pacific regionalism; Asian culture and society; the politics and culture of the Middle East; issues surrounding governance, democracy and citizenship at a global, national and local level.

Citizenship and Globalisation Seminars

Flee(t)ing Freedom: Refugee Narratives by and for Children

Speaker: Debra Durek
Colonial Utopias

Presenter: Joost Coté
No Such Place? Speed and Proximity in the Development of Electronic Democracy

Speaker: Lucas Wals
Critical Theories of Deliberative Democracy and the Problem of Citizenship

Speaker: Geoff Stokes
Woman Who Write on Walls: Woman's Graffiti in Australia

Speaker: Gwenda Davey
CARL SCHMITT: The Father of New Conservatism?
Speaker: Matthew Sharpe
Living Threads

Speaker: Joan Domicelj
Diaspora Criticism: The First Scene of Exemplification

Speaker: Sudesh Raj Mishra
The New Collections Council of Australia

Speaker: Margaret Birtley, CEO CCA
UNESCO and Cultural Heritage Practice – Past and Present

Speaker: Lyndel Prott, Patrick O'Keefe and Jonathan Sweet
Christianity, Tradition and Everyday Modernity: Women's Groups and 'Weak States' in Melanesia

Speaker: Bronwen Douglas
Is a non-Western Feminist Ethics Possible? Issues in Gender, Justice, Infanticide, and Health-care in South Asia

Speakers: Purushottama Bilimoria and Sally Percival Wood
Global Pedagogies for Cultural Difference and Inclusive Schooling

Speaker: Fethi Mansouri
Acculturation – Experiences of TPV Refugees

Speakers: Michael Leach, Fethi Mansouri and Sam Traeis
Two Paths to Accountability: Assessing the World Bank Group

Speaker: Susan Park
Reading No man's Land

Speaker: Lynne Star
Rights Without Rewards: Foreign Investment, Sustainable Development and the Governance of International Investment
Speaker: Lyuba Zarsky
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