In 2006, CCG hosted a seminar series exploring issues such as migration and intercultural relations; international relations; Asia-Pacific regionalism; Asian culture and society; the politics and culture of the Middle East; issues surrounding governance, democracy and citizenship at a global, national and local level.

Citizenship and Globalisation Seminars

'Experiments in Deliberative Democracy:The Western Australian Experience'

Speaker: Janet Hartz-Karp, The 21st Century Dialogue Community Engagement
'The Moluccan Museum in the Netherlands'

Speaker: Wim Manuhutu, Director of the Moluccan Museum in Utecht, The Netherlands
'Villages that never were: Perspectives and challenges in museum villages in Australia'

Speaker: Linda Young
'Heritage Impact Assessment. The Example of Rooftop Additions'

Speaker: Donald Ellsmore
'Demystifying Contemporary Myths: The Weberian Conception of Charismatic Authority'

Speaker: Carol Strong
Abstract available (PDF, 41.8 KB)
'Pain and Shame in Laos and Cambodia'

Speaker: Colin Long and Keir Reeves
'Australia, my part in its making: Maiden speeches and crisis moments in Australia's federal parliament'

Speaker: David Lowe
Abstract available (PDF, 62.2 KB)
'The Linking the Learning Communities (LLC) pilot program, Museums Aust. (Vic)'

Speaker: Carla Bruce-Lee
'Honouring Sites of Pain, Trauma and Resistance in East Timor'

Speaker: Michael leach
Abstract available (PDF, 42.3 KB)
'Documenting the Everyday'

Speaker: Gwenda Davey
'Human Rights and Cultural Heritage'

Speaker: Bill Logan
'Occlusion of the Ocular: Video Documentations and Human Rights Discourse'

Speaker: Keith Beattie
Abstract available (PDF, 63.7 KB)
'Diaspora Criticism and the Usual Suspects: Modernity, Transnationalism and Globalisation'

Speaker: Sudesh Mishra
Abstract available (PDF, 53.8 KB)
'Cosmopolitanism as Virtue'

Speaker: Stan Van Hooft
Abstract available (PDF, 45.6 KB)
'Context and Convergence: Embracing issues and ideas concerning intangible heritage'

Speaker: including Bill Logan, Ken Taylor and Frances O' Neil
Abstract available (PDF, 48.9 KB)
'The Role of International Non-Governmental Organisations in Constructing Global Social Contracts: Global Social Justice at the WTO?'

Speaker: Baogang He
Abstract available (PDF, 46.8 KB)
'Herbert Spencer in Kath and Kim land: class politics and the petty-bourgeoisie in Australia during the Howard years'

Speaker: Geoff Robinson
Abstract available (PDF, 40.6 KB)
'Pain, Shame and Nation: Should we remember the the Japanese (and Indonesian)civilian internment camps in the Netherlands East Indies 1942 - 1946?'

Speaker: Joost Cote
'Cultural Landscapes'

Speaker: Ray Tonkin
'Katsura Imperial Villa - Its Building and Gardens'

Speaker: Hidetoshi Saito, Tsukuba University
'The Developement of Regional Security Structures in Europe and the Asia Pacific'

Speaker: Craig Snyder
'Pain and Shame'
Speaker: including Bill Logan and Joan Beaumont
'Beyond the West: Europe and the Rise of Asia'

Speaker: Gerard Delanty
Abstract available (PDF, 109.5 KB)
'Villages that never were: Perspectives and Challenges in Museum Villages in Australia'

Speaker: Linda Young
'Multiple Streams, Multiple Networks'

Speaker: Evelyne de Leeuw
Abstract available (PDF, 45.9 KB)
'Nationalism, Xenophobia, Racism and Antisemitism in Europe of the 21st Century'

Speaker: Gerard Delanty, University of Liverpool
Abstract available (PDF, 67.7 KB)
''Peaceful Rise' and the State in Change: Constructions of China in Transnational Society'

Speaker: Chegxin Pan
'Creating Cultural Capital(s) - An International Comparison and Assessment'

Speaker: Louise Johnson
'Outsmarting the Terrorists'

Speaker: Graeme R. Newman, Rutgers University
Abstract available (PDF, 129.9 KB)
'Borders in a Changing World'

Speaker: Gerard Delanty, University of Liverpool
Abstract available (PDF, 119.6 KB)
'Localisation of Politics in an Era of Globalisation: Trends in the Indian Party System'

Speaker: Prakash C. Sarangi, University of Hyderabad, India
Abstract available (PDF, 62.7 KB)
'Informal Workshop: Values-based Management in a Culturally Conflicted World'

Speakers: Richard Engelhardt, UNESCO Richard Engelhardt, Liz Vines and Colin Long
'The Contradictions Between Citizenship and Human Rights'

Speaker: Bryan Turner, National University of Singapore
'European Citizenship: A Critical Assessment'

Speaker: Gerard Delanty, University of Liverpool
''The First Violence' Genocide, FIlm and the Ethical'

Speaker: Donna Frieze
'CSR and Government: Dichotomous and Complementary Views'

Speaker: Jeremy Moon, Nottingham University
'Globalisation, Governmentality and Neo-liberal Social Control'

Speaker: Winton Higgins, University of Technology Sydney
Abstract available (PDF, 56.5 KB)
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